Process Condensate Filter Element

PHFX series string wound filter cartridge is depth filter, using high-performance fiber (Polypropylene, Absorbent cotton or Glass fiber) thread according to a specific process, tightly wound on the porous center core (PP or SS hole tube), form a honeycomb structure with sparse outside and dense inside.

It’s designed for power plant condensate iron removal, use with or without resin pre-coat. Commonly use length 70″ (1778mm), the large length with big filtration area ensures to reduce the number of filter cartridges and the dimension of housing required. The long service life and high flow rate result in low investment and less manpower in many applications

  • Maximum Operating Temperature: 250℃
  • Maximum Operating Differential Pressure: 3.0bar@90℃
  • Flow Rate: 2-2.8m3/h(Design)
  • 5m3/h(Recommend)
  • Inlet Water Quality(Recommend):<1000ppb

Pullner provide filtration solutions for power plant industry, which can improve the reliability of the equipment and reduce costs. Mainly used in condensate polishing, stator cooling water treatment, etc.

We provide different filter elements for water filtration, oil filtration, and air filtration in power station to ensure the safe operation of power generation assembly.


For environmental protection, the application of filtration is particularly important for power plants to achieve zero discharge of pollutants. Our filter element is suitable for power plant condensate system, condensate polishing, mixed circulating condensate, electroplating solution filtration, high flux condensate, supercritical boiler, etc.

Pullner filter element can remove iron, suspended solids, colloids and other pollutants from the condensate, protecting boilers and steam turbines from corrosion and hazards. After filtered, the condensate meets the boiler feed water standard, so as to achieve the purpose of recycling and reduce water usage overall. Maximize equipment reliability and power output, while reducing downtime and operating costs.

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