Wrapped Filter Cartridge

Wrapped filter cartridge adopts a winding structure design, which can accurately filter the CMP slurry, efficiently intercept large particles and release effective particles. The gradient structure from outside to inside increases the dirt holding space and prolongs the service life of the filter element. 

  • Low Precipitation
  • High Dirt Holding Capacity, Long Service Life
  • Effective Filtration
  • Prevent Fiber Shedding

CMP slurries typically consist of a nano-sized abrasive powder dispersed in a chemically reactive solution. While chemical etching softens the material, the mechanical abrasion removes the material, thus flattening the topographic features and making the surface planar.

Wrapped filter cartridge are thermally wound by two-component fibers with different melting points, which can keep the pore size constant under high temperature and high pressure, and always have the initial filtration efficiency.

The gradient design from the outside to the inside avoids the surface clogging of the filter membrane by the condensed slurry too quickly, makes full use of the dirt holding space, and has high dirt holding capacity and longer service life.

The unique winding design can achieve precise filtration of CMP slurry. Efficiently intercept large particles and release effective particles.

All polypropylene material structure, using thermal welding technology, no adhesives, very little leaching, effectively controlling the precipitation of leaching.

The unique net cover structure prevents the fiber of the filter element from falling off.

Chemical mechanical planarization (or polishing) [CMP] is a critical step that is used multiple times in the semiconductor manufacturing process at each layer of the wafer to remove excess materials and create a smooth surface.

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