High Temperature Resistant Wire Wound Filter Element

High temperature resistant wire wound filter element belong to string wound filter cartridge. it is depth filter, using high-performance fiber (Polypropylene, Absorbent cotton or Glass fiber) thread according to a specific process, tightly wound on the porous center core SS hole tube, form a honeycomb structure with sparse outside and dense inside.

  • Filter Media: Glass fiber
  • Core: Polypropylene (SS)
  • Maximum Operating Temperature: 80℃
  • Application: Power plant condensate polishing water filtration

High temperature resistant wire wound filter element is a type of depth cartridge filter that is made by weaving yarn around a core.

Microfibers are twisted and twined together to form a yarn. This yarn is woven in a honeycomb-shaped weave around the core such that it forms a gradient structure to allow better filtration.

It’s designed for power plant condensate iron removal, use with or without resin pre-coat. Commonly use length 70″ (1778mm), the large length with big filtration area ensures to reduce the number of filter cartridges and the dimension of housing required.

The long service life and high flow rate result in low investment and less manpower in many applications. The material is made of glass fiber. Special materials can be used in high temperature resistant environment.

After the winding method is controlled by numerical control programming, the glass fiber wire is tightly wound on the stainless steel skeleton.

The unique outer sparse and inner density and structure form a depth filtration gradient, which ensures that the filtering area of the filter element is larger than that of the surface filter element, which can effectively remove the medium in the medium. Suspended solids, rust, and other hard particles.

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