Glass Fiber Large Flow Filter Element

Glass fiber large flow filter element is belong to high flow filter cartridge, which is made of large diameter 6” (152mm), single open end, coreless, and pleated cartridge with inside to outside flow pattern. Advance pleat technology, combined with its large diameter and wide range of micron rating from 1 micron to 200 micron, allows customer to use fewer filters and smaller housing dimension for high flow rate applications.

  • Large Filtration Area, High Throughput
  • Multiple membrane material options
  • Multiple length selection

Membrane materials: Glass fiber. The PP membrane material adopts unique multi-layer Nano fiber pleated technology to achieve a gradient filter structure, increase the dirt holding space, and significantly extend the service life, thereby reducing the replacement frequency and system cost.

Length available: 20″(508mm), 40″(1016mm), 60″(1524mm)

With unique pleat technology, filtration area can reach 3.2m²/20 inch.

40″ high flow filter flow rate is more than 60m³/h under standard conditions. Achieve high throughput and long service life.

We are a well-known enterprise integrating R&D, production and sales of micro membrane filtration equipment and filtration systems.

Our Main products: membrane pleated filter cartridge, high flow filter cartridge, condensate polishing pleated filter cartridge, condensate polishing string wound filter cartridge, membrane wound filter cartridge, melt blown filters, metal wedge wire filter, metal sintered mesh filters, sintered fiber felt filter, and power sintered filters; all kinds oil and gas filters.

Production main applications: Biopharmaceutical, food and beverage, microelectronics, fine chemicals, water treatment, laboratory and other fields; covering LCD panels, semiconductor chips, high-purity chemicals, APIs, water reuse, condensate filtration,water reuse etc.

Our laboratory is equipped with varieties of test facilities: Aperture distribution instrument, water single-pass test bench, scanning electron microscope, bacterial challenge lab, online particle detector, diaphragm test bench, air permeability tester, filter cartridge integrity tester, test trolley for simulating field conditions, etc. With several test experts, quickly provide varies conditions solutions.

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