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High Flow Filter cartridge is high flow rate, single filter flow rate reach 30gpm/70m³/hr. Big diameter (152mm, 157mm, 160mm), Pleated type, provide bigger filtration area than standard (diameter 2.7”) filters. Reduce numbers of filter cartridges, housing diameter and plant area, greatly reducing investment and replacement costs.

Filtration rating from 0.5μm to 100μm, length 20” (508mm)/40” (1016mm)/60” (1524mm). Different materials (PP, PET, and GF) meet different conditions needs. Filtration efficiency 99.8%. The center core and end caps use thermal welding technology, without any glue, no leakage, and no secondary pollution.

High flow water filters in PULLNER FILTRATION widely replace original high flow filter cartridge of PALL Ultipleat, PALL Marksman, 3M 740B series and 7000 series, Parker Mega flow, Pentair Aqualine, etc. With a high flow rate, easy installation and quick change-out.

High Flow Filter Cartridge

Pullner is the professional high flow water filter cartridge manufacturer in Shanghai, we designed more than 60 types of hi flow water filter cartridge, and the high flow filters can replace PALL, PARKER, 3M, PENTAIR brand water filters.

Replace PALL Ultipleat High Flow Water Filter

PHFL series high flow filter cartridge is design to replace PALL Ultipleat original filter.

Pleated construction with 100% polypropylene (PP). Big diameter provide big filtration area and big flow rate. High filtration efficiency. Widely applications, quick and easy change-out.

  • Large filtration area provides high flow rates combined with low pressure drops and long service life.
  • The unique media structure ensure high particle retention rates.
  • Flow rate configuration from inside out ensure that all contamination is held within the single-open end of the filter.
  • Quick and easy change-out.
Replace 3M CUNO High Flow Water Filter

High Flow Water Filter Cartridge Replace Replace 3M CUNO

PHFM series hi flow filter cartridge is used to replace 3M CUNO 7000 and 740B original filter. 6.5″/160mm big diameter, with PP center core inside for high pressure. Long service life and low cost less manpower.

  • Innovative radial pleat technology.
  • 1.5~3 times larger surface area than standard 6″ vertical pleate high flow water filter cartridge.
  • “Twist to lock” seating mechanism provides positive seal.
  • Friendly handle design easily for operator change out.
  • Highly consistent performance.
  • 100% constructed by avanced polypropylene media.
  • Widely excellent chemical capacity.
  • Lower initinal pressure drop.
Replace Parker High Flow Water Filter

High Flow Water Filter Cartridge Replace Replace Parker Filters

PHFK series hi flow filter cartridge is replacement for PARKER Megaflow and Fulflo series original filters. Two types end caps: single O-ring and double O-rings end caps. 

Graded filtration pore size. Multi membrane layers for large dirt holding. New hard outer cage guarantee better filtration performance under high pressure conditions. All thermal bonded. Provide free sample for test.

  • Larger water flow capacity in one high flow filter cartridge.
  • Larger filter outer diameter for high flow capacity-6″ (152mm).
  • Graded filtration pore size in one high flow filter cartridge.
  • Multi membrane layers for large dirt holding.
  • O-ring sealing assures filtration integrity.
  • Thermally bonded polypropylene and support media prevent particle leaking out.
  • Large filtration area for one high flow water filter cartridge.
  • Less labor needed and lower operation & maintenance cost.
Replace Pentair Aqualine High Flow Water Filter

High Flow Water Filter Cartridge Replace Pentair Aqualine

PFLT series hi flow filter cartridge is Pentair Aqualine high flow water filter cartridge replacement. 

It’s large diameter (6.5″) with an outside-inside flow realizing the use of significantly smaller housing and fewer filter elements. Better cost-efficiency, Lower expense, customized service.

  • 6.75″ large diameter and 40″/60″ length. 
  • Melt blown polypropylene filter media. 
  • Strengthened PP center core. 
  • 23 times square feet of media than used in standard 10″ pleated filter. 
  • Positive O-ring seal. 
  • Wide range of chemical compatibility. 
  • Perfect match to original Pentair Aqualine high flow FRP vessels. 
  • Better cost-efficiency in RO pre-filtration process. 
  • OEM/ODM services available. 
  • Multi layers membrane structure provide graded filtration
Replace Bag filter High Flow Water Filter

Replace Bag filter High Flow Water Filter Cartridge

PLBG series bag pleated high flow filter cartridge is designed to replace bag filters No.1 and No.2 size. PP pleated type provide bigger filtration area 5 times than bag filter.

It has higher filtration efficiency and longer service life than bag filters. Customized length for different requirements.

  • Greater filtration area compared with traditional bag filter.
  • Fitting into all standard filter bag baskets and housing.
  • High dirt-holding capacity construction makes high efficiency.
  • Large 152mm cartridge diameter suitable for high flow/high contaminant applications.
  • The inside-to-outside fluid flow ensures the unwanted particles are trapped with the element.
Petrochemical Industrial High Temperature High Flow Water Filter

Petrochemical Industrial High Temperature High Flow Water Filter Cartridge

PHFLH series high temperature high flow filter cartridge is design for high operating temperature conditions in petrochemical industry. 

Use temperature-resistant material and stainless steel cage for high pressure. Big filtration area and flow rate, high filtration efficiency.

  • High temperature material suitable for petrochemical industry applications.
  • 6″ big diameter provide bigger filtration area and high flow rate.
  • PP center core and stainless steel out cage for big pressure.
  • Much micron ratings and lengths for choosing.
Power Plant Condensate Water High Flow Water Filter

Power Plant Condensate Water High Flow Water Filter Cartridge

Power plant condensate water high flow water filter is designed with different big diameters (152mm, 157mm, 160mm), provide big filtration area, high flow rate, and long service life.

Reduce the downtime of change-out, save cost for customers.

  • High-density pleated filter type resulting in a high filtration area, high flow rates, long service life, and high dirt holding capacity.
  • 40″ out cage is one piece with high strength, ensure big effective filtration area, small leakage risk.
  • THE internal PP core guarantee no distortion and resists higher reverse differential pressure.
  • Ergonomically designed handle facilities fast and easy installation and remove without the special tool.
  • Reduce downtime of change-out, save cost for customers.
Seawater Desalination RO Pre-filtration High Flow Water Filter

Seawater Desalination RO Pre-filtration High Flow Water Filter Cartridge

Seawater desalination plant RO system pre-filtration high flow water filter, diameter 6″/6.5″, length 20″\40″\60″, wide range of filtration rating.

  • Large filtration area provides high flow rates combined with low pressure drops and long service life.
  • Graded filtration pore size in one high flow filter cartridge.
  • Multi membrane layers for large dirt holding.
  • Less labor needed and lower operation & maintenance cost.
Stainless Steel High Flow Water Filter

Stainless Steel High Flow Water Filter

Stainless Steel High Flow Water Filter is use stainless steel material (SS304, SS316L), pleated type. It’s designed for high temperature and pressure conditions. High strength, long service.

Pullner Is Your Premier High Flow Filter Cartridge Manufacturer In China


Why Are Pullner High Flow Filter Cartridge

High Quality and Cost Saving

100% inspection before leaving the factory to ensure the quality of high-flow filter elements. Competitive price, source factory, factory direct sales.

Brand Replacement

Replace many foreign original brands, such as Pall, 3M CUNO, Parker, Pentair, Graver, etc., with the same performance filter element

Multiple industrial applications

Pullner's filter elements are widely used in industries such as electronics, pharmaceuticals, food and beverages, chemicals, power plants, and desalination.

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The Ultimate Guide: High Flow Filter Cartridge

What is High Flow Filters Cartridge?

High flow filter cartridge is one type filter with high flow rate, used on large-scale filtration of liquids. Single high flow filter Flow rate up to 500 gallon a minute.

High flow cartridge filter diameter 6” (152mm), pleated design provide bigger filtration area, high dirt holding capacity, long service life, decrease the number of filter element and replacement frequency, save filtration cost of overall filtration system for clients.

You can use high flow filter element for many different liquids filtration, because you can choose different material layers:

Polypropylene (PP) membrane

Polyester (PET) membrane

Glass Fiber (GF) membrane

Activated Carbon

Because different performance of material layers, it can meet different filtration requirements. We also provide customized solutions based on different conditions and fluid characteristics.

High flow filters can be used to replace many other cartridge filters:

Pleated Water Cartridge

String Wound Filter

Melt Blown Filter

PP Water Filter

Compared with the traditional 2.5 “and 2.7” pleated filters and string wound filters, the high flow commercial water filter is more advantages, high dirt holding capacity and long service life, is one cost-effective filter element.

Comparison chart of specific filter element number and corresponding filter footprint

High Flow Filter Cartridge(1)2 High Flow Filter Cartridge(1)2053

Replacement time comparison

High Flow Filter Cartridge(1)

  • Reduce the number of filter elements by 90%;
  • Filter housing smaller by 50%;
  • Easy to installation and change-out

You can choose high flow filter length as follows:

20″ (508mm)

40″ (1016mm)

60″ (1524mm)

Also customize different length according to requirements.

High Flow Filter Cartridge(1)2339

What is the Production Process of High Flow Filter Cartridge?

1). Choose high-quality raw materials.

The raw material of the high flow pleated filter is the most important part. We choose high-quality raw materials and high-quality suppliers to ensure the product quality of high flow filter. Complete ISO9001 Quality Management System, strict supplier management procedure, and a comprehensive review of suppliers every year. We have our own test laboratory for material and filter test.


2). Pleating

The unique pleat design makes the high flow cartridge filter has larger surface area, higher dirt holding capacity and longer use life.


3). Seam Welding

Ultrasonic welding, without any glue and viscose, to ensure the quality of the high flow water filter.


4). Assembly (Hard PP outer cage)

Install the pleated filter material into the outer cage. The high flow filters adopts hard PP outer cage with integral structure, which can withstand greater pressure. Compared with other support materials, hard pp cage is the best choice for clients.


5). Trimming

Cut off the excess filter material on both sides, use cutting machine.


6). Assembly (PP center core)

Install the PP center core into the filter body. The center core can support the filter material, and can also increase the pressure of the high flow filter, which is deeply loved by customers.

7). Welding (End caps)

Thermal welding, welding the filter element and the end cover together.


8). Welding (Lengthen)

60″ high flow rate water filter is 40″ and 20″ welded together, and the middle is connected by a connecting ring, which has a firm structure and beautiful appearance.


What are the Features of High Flow Filter?

  • High flow rate reach 110m³/h single filter.
  • Higher dirt holding capacity
  • Thermal bond welding, no use any glue, guarantee filter integrity
  • Hard PP outer cage enhance strength of high flow filter.
  • Inside to outside flow direction, all dirt be catched inside the filters.
  • Fewer filters used, 50% smaller housing dimension.
  • Absolute and Nominal rating for different applications.
  • Long service life, save filtration cost.

The Benefits of High Flow Filter

High flow pleated filter provide high flow rate than 2.7” standard filters, process liquids at higher rate than standard filtration systems. The benefits of using high flow filters are that it increases the ability to handle liquids and hold dirt, takes up less space and wastes less than traditional filtration systems.

  • Increased Productivity

High flow filter cartridge is the best option for large capacities of liquids filtration. Advanced pleated technology with synthetic fiber or polypropylene microfiber, the high flow cartridge can efficiently remove particles from liquids at much higher rates, provide more effective filtration in less time. Our high flow filters are able to filter up to 500 gallons per minute. High flow water filter can increase productivity in less time.

  • Greater Dirt Holding Capacity

Advanced Pleated Technology unique design of high flow filter, make if catch and hold more dirt and contaminants than other filters. The high flow filters are not need to be removed for replacement or cleaning as often. It also reduce the number of filter element replacement, high flow filters provide lower long term filtration costs for clients.

High Flow Filter Cartridge(1)576

  • Deduce Equipment Downtime and Labor Costs

If businesses don’t use high flow filters, use smaller filters and housings, the filtration process could take hours or days. It will need more employees and decrease productivity because small filtration system. Fortunately, High flow filter need to be changed much less often, businesses need fewer housing for high flow filters, the filtration process can take minutes instead of hours and requires fewer employees to complete the filtration process.

  • Less Waste

Because high flow water filter cartridge hold more particles and contaminants with higher dirt holding capacity, they need to be replaced less frequently. Many high flow filters designed for high flow filtration can be washed and reused. Use high flow filters help businesses cut down waste produced in filtration. It also decrease overall filtration cost with filtration system, it’s an important benefit for businesses.

  • Requires Less Floor Space

High Flow Filter Housing

Another advantage of high flow filters is the amount of space saved. A single high flow filter housing could replace multiple standard sized housings. The overall floor space used for high flow systems is significantly decreased.

Comparison chart of specific filter element number and corresponding filter footprint.


  • The Advantages of Using High Flow Filter Cartridge for Your Business

Unlike standard filters, high flow filters works high-efficiency, filtering up to 500gallons per minute. The advanced pleated design hold more dirt and contaminants.

Because of this, the high flow filters will need to be replaced less frequently, decreases equipment downtime, creates less waste, and save more money of the high flow filtration system for clients.

What is the Media for High Flow Filters?

High flow filters have different materials used for different applications.

PP, Polyester, Glass fiber membrane are commonly used for high flow filters.

(1) PP high flow performance filter is the standard type, used as-pre-filtration of RO system in SWRO, Power plant boiler feed water RO, industrial process water treatment.

PP polypropylene is a thermoplastic resin made by the polymerization of propylene. Bai polypropylene is a non-toxic, odorless, tasteless milky white highly crystalline polymer with a density of 0.90-0.91g/cm3, is one of the lightest varieties of all plastics.

It is particularly stable to water, and its water absorption rate is only 0.01%, the molecular weight is about 80,000 to 150,000. Good formability, good aging resistance, good chemical properties, almost no water absorption, and no reaction with most chemicals.

The fiber structure is loosened by acupuncture method to increase the impurity holding space. It belongs to the compound interception mode. Its internal honeycomb structure can effectively remove solid and soft particles.

That is, the larger particles are trapped on the surface of the fiber, and the fine the particles are captured in the deep layer of the filter material, and will not be damaged due to pressure increase during use, and has a high filtration efficiency.

In addition, the outer surface of the product is heat-treated by a high-temperature surface, that is, the application of instant sintering technology and calendaring treatment is effective Prevent the fiber from being dissipated by high-speed impact of the liquid during filtration.

And ensure no fiber detachment, avoiding the excessive clogging of filter holes caused by traditional rolling treatment and shortening the life of the filter bag.

At the same time, the pressure difference is small without affecting the flow rate; the accuracy is 0.4-200μ.

(2) Polyester and Glass fiber are used for high temperature applications, such as Petrochemical industry. Using SS304 outer cage provide high strength for high pressure.

(3) Customize service for high flow filters. For special applications and operating conditions, we provide customized solutions for clients.

How Many Types of High Flow Filters Cartridge for Sale?

You can choose high flow filters according to filter brand you used or your operating conditions:

1). If you are using high flow filters brand like PALL Ultipleat, CUNO 3M, PARKER, PENTAIR, GRAVER original filters, we provide replacement high flow filters, same dimension and filtration efficiency, can absolutely replace your Existing high flow filter, it’s suitable to your existing high flow filter housing, no need to change your filter housing, save filtration cost for businesses.

  • Replace brand PALL Ultipleat High Flow Filter Cartridge
  • Replace brand Pall Marksman High Flow Filters
  • Replace brand CUNO 3M 740B AND 7000 Series High Flow Filters
  • Replace brand Parker Mega Flow High Flow Filters
  • Replace brand Pentair Aqualine High Flow Filters
  • Replace brand Graver High Flow Filters


2). Choose high flow filters according to operating conditions:

Different materials of high flow filters, use for different operating temperature

PP high flow filters: 82℃

Polyester high flow filters: 150℃

Glass fiber high flow filters: 250℃

The high flow filter has its unique advantages to make its filtration performance superior.

Keep reading, you will have a deeper understanding of the high flow filter.

What is The Technical Data of High Flow Filter Cartridge?

Filter MediaPolypropylene (PP), Polyester (PET), Glass fiber (GF)
Support/Drainage MediaPolypropylene (PP)
Core/End Caps MediaPolypropylene (PP)
Outer Cage MediaHard PP cage/Netting/Circle belt/ Stainless steel cage
Outer Diameter6″ (152mm)
Length20″(508mm); 40″(1016mm); 60″(1524mm)
O-ring/GasketSilicone, EPDM, BUNA-N, Viton
Retention Rating1um, 3um, 5um, 10um, 15um, 20um, 40um, 70um, 100um and others available.
Max. Operating Temperature

82℃ (PP)

150℃ (PET)

250℃ (GF)

Recommend Change-Out Differential Pressure2.1 Bar @ 20℃

How to Choose High Flow Filter Cartridge?

Filter Media

Any porous material that allows the fluid in the filter slurry to pass through and the solid particles contained in it is intercepted to achieve the purpose of solid-liquid separation is collectively called the filter medium.

There are a variety of filter materials on the market:

  • Roll film that can be reprocessed;
  • High-purity activated carbon particles;
  • Filter bag material;
  • Coalesce and separate materials;
  • Sheet or paper filter material.

How About the Dirt Holding Capacity of a High Flow Filter?

Higher Dirt Holding Capacity

Dirt holding capacity is the total amount of dirt the high flow filter can catched in the filter when reach the replacement differential pressure. Advanced pleated technology provide bigger filtration area, high dirt holding capacity and long service life than others types filters.

How Long of the High Flow Filters Service Life?

Long service life of high flow filters

High flow filters have long service life than other standard size 2.7” pleated filter, because large diameter, high flow filter has bigger filtration area, long use life.

Different water quality, the filter service life is different. The dirtier the water, the shorter the service life of the high flow filter.

How to Define the Service Life of the High Flow Filter Cartridge?

  1. Theoretical service life of the high flow filters

The high flow filter itself has a theoretical service life, which a value given by the cartridge filter manufacturer is based on the quality of the filter element and many years of filtration experience.

This value can be used as a reference value. In the case of normal operation of the filter equipment, if the use time of the filter element is close to the service life time limit given by the manufacturer.

You can check the filtering situation and consider whether the filter element needs to be replaced.

  1. Cleanliness of the filtration machine

The cleanliness of the filtration machine must be taken into consideration. Generally speaking, the filter itself has various checkpoints.

These checkpoints may be loose or not cleaned during maintenance. Then some external substances may directly enter the filter equipment or the filter equipment itself.

Some impurities appearing in the wear, these impurities will directly affect the service life of the filter element to a certain extent.

Therefore, if the equipment has been used for a long time, but the time for maintenance has not yet arrived, and there are impurities on the equipment, then consider whether to replace the filter element in advance.

  1. The condition of the filter liquid (water quality)

When determining the replacement time of the high flow filter, you also need to pay attention to the condition of the filter medium itself.

If the filter medium contains less impurities, then the wear of the filter element is relatively small. In this case, the service life of the filter element will be longer.

If there are relatively many impurities in the filter medium, it will cause serious wear and tear of the filter element in a short time, then the filter needs to check the cleanliness of the filter medium after filtration in advance to determine the filtration of the filter element Quality, and then determine whether to replace the filter element.

What is the Micron Rating for High Flow Filter Cartridge?

The filtration accuracy reflects the filtering ability of the filter medium to filter dirt particles. The evaluation of the filtration accuracy often has Absolute Rating and Nominal Rating.

1) Absolute Rating

Absolute filtration accuracy refers to the diameter of the largest hard spherical particle passing through the filter medium.

The maximum downstream particle diameter measured by multiple tests is the absolute filtration accuracy. Particles of this size are calculated by the filtration efficiency of 98%.

The equivalent capillary diameter of the first bubbling point measured by the bubble test is regarded as the absolute filtration accuracy.

2) Nominal Rating

The nominal filtration accuracy usually has the following two expressions.

  1. The filtering accuracy given by the manufacturer is a generalized nominal filter accuracy. Such as the filtering accuracy in product samples or instructions.
  2. In the multiple pass test, when the filter medium can filter out 95% of particles of a certain size and above, this size is the nominal filtration accuracy of the filter medium.

The high flow filter filtration rating is from 1 micron to 100 microns.

What the Applications of High Flow Filters

1) RO security filtration, seawater desalination pre-treatment

2) Filtration of power plant condensate

3) Filtration of raw materials, solvents and water in the biopharmaceutical industry

4) Filtration of bottled water, sugar liquid, edible oil, fruit juice, soft drink, milk

5) Paint, coating, petrochemical

6) Microelectronics, film, fiber, resin

Large-flow filter elements are widely used and can be customized according to specific operating conditions.

The flow rate of the large-flow filter element is several times that of the conventional filter element, which reduces the number of filter elements used and has a longer service life, which can save filtration costs and is deeply loved by customers.


How You to Calculate the Filtration Area of the High Flow Filter?

For 60″ high flow filters, the filtration area is 10㎡.

For 40″ high flow filter, the filtration area is 6.6㎡.


Surface area: total membrane used in one high flow filter. We also call filtration area. The filtration area is more bigger, the dirt holding capacity is more much higher.

Pleat number: total pleats in one high flow filter. The filter use advanced pleated technology.

According to the filter material ratio and thickness, the pleat number of the high flow filter of different precision is also different.

For the high flow filter of the same specification, the thinner the material layer, the more pleats, and the larger the filtration area.

We have imported filter materials, which are thinner than domestic filter materials and have good filtration performance, which are deeply loved by customers.

Pleat height: the height of each pleat. It’s design according to the filter structure. Different high flow filters have different pleat height.

Length: total length of the filter body with pleated material. According to customer needs, high flow filter of different lengths can be customized.

How To Install The High Flow Filters?

Installation steps of large flow filter:

1: When installing the high flow filter, the O-ring should be wetted in clean water or filtrate to reduce the friction when inserting. And it is required to insert it to the end to ensure that the O-ring plays a sealing role.


2: Press the pressure plate on the upper end cover of high flow filter, and lightly tighten the screws on the pressure plate to fix the pressure plate.


3: When the high flow filter filters liquid, you should first turn on the exhaust switch on the housing to empty the gas in the filter housing and fill the filter housing with liquid, otherwise it will affect the flow rate.

4: The fluid filter will produce a pressure drop due to resistance. In order to overcome the resistance, there must be sufficient working pressure. In order to prevent the filter element from being impacted by a large flow, the valve should be opened slowly.

High flow filter cleaning and sterilization:

1: On the production line, the high flow filter generally chooses backwashing: first turn off the original liquid and filtrate pipeline switches, rinse with bacteria-free water, input from the original outlet, and discharge from the inlet or the lower drain hole of the filter. Backwashing must be provided the pressure should not be too high, usually around 5 kg.

2: Remove the high flow filter and clean it in the cleaning solution, soak it first and then repeatedly clean it. Cleaning fluid is generally available:

A: Sodium hydroxide, 0.1N NaOH

B: 1-2% citric acid water solvent or 0.1N oxalic acid solvent, 0.1N hydrochloric acid solvent:

C: Enzyme solvents and other solvents. Generally, it is best to control the temperature at 30-40 degrees during cleaning.

How to Get Free Sample of High Flow Filters?

ullner offers free sample for customers, you only need to pay for shipping. Please provide your operating conditions and filter parameters, including: filter type, precision rating, length, sealing material, and your detailed address and zip code.

If you have TNT, DHL, UPS, FedEx account, we can arrange freight collect.

Delivery time of sample: 1-3 days after confirmation.

What’s the Delivery Time of High Flow Filters?

High flow filter delivery time:

Quantity (pcs)

Delivery time (Working days)


3 Working days


5 Working days


7 Working days


12 Working days


packing the high flow filters


Filtration Performance Requirements of High Flow Filter

  1. Filtration efficiency: that is, the purification efficiency is high, and the purification efficiency is related to the structure of the filter material. Generally, the efficiency of non-woven felt filter material is high.
  2. Air permeability: refers to the amount of air that the filter material passes through per unit area under a certain pressure difference. Resistance directly affects the air permeability. Large resistance increases energy consumption. The resistance of the filter material must be appropriate to ensure that the filter material has an appropriate air permeability.
  3. Dust holding capacity: refers to the amount of dust stored per unit area of the filter material at the specified resistance, calculated in kg/㎡. The dust holding capacity is related to the porosity and air permeability of the filter material. The dust holding capacity is large, the cleaning cycle of the filter element is longer, and the service life of the filter element is correspondingly longer. Generally, the non-woven felt filter material has a larger capacity than the woven filter material.
  4. The selection of the fiber of the filter material is very important. When it comes to the service life of the filter material, it is necessary to consider the temperature resistance, flame retardancy, chemical stability and the physical and mechanical properties of the fiber material from the use of wear resistance and bending resistance. , High strength requirements.
  5. Economical type of filter material: cost performance is generally measured by the price and service life of the filter material.


Pullner is the professional high flow water filter cartridge manufacturer in Shanghai, we designed more than 60 types of hi flow water filter cartridge, and the high flow filters can replace PALL, PARKER, 3M, PENTAIR brand water filters.

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