Food & Beverage Industry Filtration Solutions

Food & Beverage Industry Application

Pullner can provide filtration solutions in the food and beverage industry, mainly related to the sub-industries: bottled water industry, soft drink industry, wine industry, beer industry and dairy industry.

We can provide a variety of filtration solutions to ensure product quality. Different filtration system schemes need to be customized according to different product processes. We can provide you with a reasonable process ratio to ensure that the food and beverages and taste are pure.


High Flow Water Filter for Food & Beverage Industry

The high flow water filter cartridge is mainly used for the pre-filtrtaion of high-flow materials such as beer, wine, bottled water, and juice. Large flow rate design reduces the number of filter elements used and saves costs.

  • Pre-filtration of Beer,Wine,Soft drink,Milk product,Bottled water,Fruit wine,Juice,Edible oil.
WELPP Electronic Grade Low Precipitation Pure Water Pre-filter Pleated Water Filters

Pleated Water Filters for Food & Beverage Industry

The Mico pleated water filter cartridge is mainly used as security filtration of bottled water, production process water, beverages, etc. With high filtration efficiency and low cost. The filtration accuracy is from 0.1 to 70 microns, and the length is from 10″ to 40 inches. 

The characteristics of high flow rate and high dirt holding capacity make it a cost-effective pre-filter.

  • Pretreatment of bottle water, security filer for beer, wine, nilk filtraiton. 
ULPS Low Diffusion Flow PES Sterilization Membrane Filter Cartridge

Membrane Filter Cartridge Food & Beverage Industry

Membrane filter cartridge are widely used in food and beverage filtration for Liquid terminal sterilization filtration, gas sterilization filtration, compressed air filtration. 

Different materials available: PES, PTFE, PVDF, Nylon, Polyester, Glass fiber. It has strong filtration performance and reliable bacteria interception. Can be repeatedly steam sterilized.

  • Liquid terminal sterilization filtration, gas sterilization filtration, compressed air filtration.
  • Sterile filtration before bottling.

Pullner Is Your Premier Filters Manufacturer in Food & Beverage Industry In China


Food & Beverage Industry Filtration Application

Pullner filter cartridges are widely used in the food and beverage industry. At the same time, our rich experience in manufacturing filtration systems can solve various filtration problems for you.

Bottled water and mineral water

The quality requirements of bottled water are very strict. Pullner is a well-known supplier of filtration systems. We can provide you with an overall filtration solution. We can formulate different process flows according to different water quality and provide you with particle filtration process ratios. , And provide you with filtering products.

Soft drink

Pullner provides an advanced filtration process for the soft drink manufacturing process, which can ensure the appropriate carbonation content and enhance the taste. And particulate matter can be removed to ensure that the filling nozzle is not blocked. We can provide filtration solutions for different soft drink products.

To protect wine’s taste, intensity and bouquet, filtration technology is vital in the production process. Clarification and stabilization, polish filtration, bacteria removal, final filtration, etc.

Pullner provides innovative filtration solutions in winemaking process to preserve wine quality and save filtration costs for customers.


In beer production process, particles, crystals, treatment residue, bacteria and yeast cause contamination. The filtration in beer-making process must meet standards. Pullner has advanced laboratory for media test, ensure filter element high performance, and provide perfect and reliable filtration solution for beer-making.

Dairy Filtration

In purification and separation of dairy products, filtration can eliminate contamination caused by external factors. Pullner performs sterilizing filtration on water, steam and gas, satisfy spectrum of filtration requirements ranging from general-purpose clarification all the way up to high-end protein separations, and ensure product safety.

Why Choose Pullner Filters For Your Food & Beverage Industry

High Performance Filter Element

Two laboratory with advanced test facilities for media and filter test, provide high performance filter element. 100% test before delivery. FDA material.

Unique Pleated Technology

Pleated technology provide bigger filtration area, high flow rate and long service life.

Complies with Food Contact Regulations

FDA certificate, filter material meet food contact requirements, ensure product safety.

Other Types of Filters From Pullner


High Flow Filter Cartridge


Membrane Filter Cartridge


Pleated Water Filters

String Wound Filter


Melt Blown Filter Cartridge


Stainless Steel Filter Cartridge


Stainless Steel Filter Housing


Carbon Fiber Filter Cartridge

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