Process Water Filter Cartridge

Process water filter cartridge belong to pleated filter cartridge, The electronic grade material used in the process series filter element can effectively control the ion precipitation problem of filtration, and the pure polypropylene structure makes the filter element have a wide range of chemical compatibility. It can be applied to the filtration of most acids and bases, process water and organic solvents.

  • low precipitation
  • Broad chemical compatibility
  • A variety of filter precision can be selected

The process water filter mainly includes wet process water filter and FPD process filter.

Wet electronic chemicals are key electronic chemical materials for the production of integrated circuits, discrete devices, display panels, solar cells and other wet processes.

FPD wet process is mainly for the process of flat panel liquid crystal display, semiconductor, touch screen, metal plating, solar energy, PCB (printed circuit board), LCD (liquid crystal display), LED (light emitting diode) and other technical fields.

With the improvement of the production requirements of electronic components, the requirements for the purity of electronic wet chemicals in related industry applications are also increasing.

In order to adapt to the trend of continuous improvement in the level of micro-processing technology in the electronic information industry, and to standardize the world’s electronic wet chemicals.

The standard, SEMI (International Semiconductor Industry Association) classified electronic wet chemicals according to metal impurities, particle size control, particle size the number and application scope and other indicators to formulate international classification standards. Product standards for electronic wet chemicals in various fields of application

Different, photovoltaics generally only need G1 level; display panels and LED generally require G2 for electronic wet chemicals, G3 level; integrated circuits have high requirements for the purity of electronic wet chemicals, which are basically concentrated at the level above G3, and the wafer size the larger the inch, the higher the purity requirements, and the 12-inch wafer manufacturing generally requires a level above G4; discrete devices require electronic wet chemistry the requirements for product purity are slightly lower than that of integrated circuits, and are basically concentrated at the G2 level.

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