Electronics Industry Filtration Solutions

Electronics Industry Application

Filter elements are widely used in the electronics industry, and can be used in the semiconductor industry, liquid crystal display industry, and data hard disk storage.

The filter element can directly affect the quality of the end product and your economic benefits.

Pullner filtration can provide filter elements required by various process points, and our years of industry experience can solve customer filtration related problems.

130mm High Generation Line Wet Process High Flow Membrane Filter Cartridge

High flow filter cartridge is used in electronics industry for high flow applications: high purity water, electroplating liquid, cleaning liquid, polishing liquid filtration. 

Large diameter with pleat technology, bigger filtering area, high flow rate, long service life and high filtration efficiency. 

All PP structure provide excellent chemical compatibility. Reduce the number of filter elements required and dimension of the housing, saving costs for customers.

  • Chemical filtration in the manufacturing process
  • Gas filtration
  • Pure water equipment, washing water filtration
  • High-purity water pretreatment, terminal filtration
  • Process water pretreatment
  • Electroplating solution and water treatment

The pleated water filters cartridges are widely used in the electronics industry: pre-filtration of high-purity water for washing and cooling in the manufacturing process of LED chips, display screens, TFT panels, and LCD panels; pre-filtering of reclaimed water produced by washing and cooling processes. 

Micro media with pleated technology, precision rating from 0.1 to 50 microns, acailable length 10″, 20″, 30″, 40″.

  • Preparation and pre-filtration of high-purity water for washing and cooling in the manufacturing process of LED chips, display screens, TFT panels, and LCD panels.
  • Recycling and pre-filtration of reclaimed water produced by cleaning and cooling processes.

Membrane filter cartridges are used for gas and liquid filtration in the electronics industry. Different membranes(PES, PTFE, PVDF, Nylon, Polyester) have different applications. 

100% integrity inspection before delivery. The filter membrane has excellent particle capture performance, interception efficiency is up to 99.99%. The filtration rating from 0.02 to 10 microns.


Pleated Filter Cartridge Stainless Steel Filter Housing is a small flow high quality sanitary grade filter. Material: SS304, SS316L. With excellent surface and maximum corrosion resistance, filter meet the quality standards for preventing bacterial contamination. 

The unique structure of the sanitary filter cartridge ensures there is no dead corner on the inner and outer surfaces and conforms to the requirements of GMP. The Filter housing can be completely disassembled and washed, easy to operate.

  • Various chemicals and treatments in the manufacturing process of liquid crystal displays, lithography machines, optical discs, copper foils, integrated circuits and other microelectronics and electronic products.
  • Electroplating solution, process gas purification and gas filtration in the purification room.
  • Pure water preparation and washing water filtration in semiconductor, instrument, picture tube and other production plants.
  • High-purity water pre-filtration and terminal filtration for electronics, microelectronics, and semiconductor industries.

Pullner Is Your Premier Filters Manufacturer For Your Microelectronics Industry In China


Microelectronics industry applications

Effective filtration solutions in the microelectronics industry can greatly improve the operating efficiency of the equipment, extend the service life of the equipment, and ensure the quality of microelectronic products, and improve the quality of microelectronic products.

Semiconductor industry applications

Various fluids are involved in the semiconductor manufacturing process, including chemicals, gases, ultra-pure water, CMP and wet etch and cleans. We provide filtration, purification and separation solutions for this.

Data storage industry applications

In the filtering process of the data storage industry, the control of particles, impurities and pollution is very important. The pullner filter system can provide you with effective pollutant removal, especially in the electroplating and wet etch and clean process.
Contaminants are about product quality degradation and product defects, so it is very important to remove molecular-level particulate contaminants in the manufacturing process.

Contact pullner and let us show you how to optimize the manufacturing process of data storage hard drives to maximize product performance and output.

Display industry

In the manufacturing process of the display, process gas is used in a variety of manufacturing processes, and excess particles in the gas will increase product defects and reduce product quality.

Pullner can eliminate impurities and contaminants in the manufacturing process. You can minimize downtime, improve the quality of the display, and increase your profits.

Why Are Choose Pullner Filters For Your Electronics Industry

High Quality and Cost Saving

100% inspection before leaving the factory to ensure the quality of high-flow filter elements. Competitive price, source factory, factory direct sales.

Rich experience in microelectronic filtration

We have advanced filtration technology and rich industry experience that can improve key processes in microelectronics manufacturing. Extend equipment life and ensure stable equipment operation.

Complete filtration system solution

Pullner has a complete filter solution for the microelectronics industry, which can greatly improve the efficiency of electronic manufacturing, reduce costs, and greatly improve the quality and output of products.

Other Types of Filters From Pullner


High Flow Filter Cartridge


Membrane Filter Cartridge


Pleated Water Filters

String Wound Filter


Melt Blown Filter Cartridge


Stainless Steel Filter Cartridge


Stainless Steel Filter Housing


Carbon Fiber Filter Cartridge

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