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FRP Membrane Housing

Single High Flow Filter FRP Membrane Housing

Single High Flow Filter FRP Membrane Housing

Single High Flow Filter FRP Membrane Housing is design for cartridge filters used in RO pre-filtration system. 

Easy installation and low maintance cost, it has become the most popular design in reverse osmosis system at home and abroad. 

High flow FRP filter housings are widely used in the applications of water treatment in the membrane treatment system, electronics, electric power, metallurgy, chemical industry, food & beverage, brackish water, seawater desalination and separation of landfill leachate.

Modular Skid-Mounted System

Modular Skid-Mounted System

Modular Skid-mounted System is a combination of multiple single high flow filter FRP housing, flexibly designed as skid-mounted according to the site conditions. 

It’s a new filtration solution saving your labor, space and equipment cost, filters easy replacement.

RK12 Coating Liquid Filtration Integrated Filter Cartridge

RK12 Coating Liquid Filtration Integrated Filter Cartridge

The unique structure design of the RK12 series filter cartridge eliminates the need to clean the housing after the filter cartridge is replaced, greatly reduces the cost of filter cartridge treatment and cleaning wastewater treatment.

Avoid direct contact between the human body and the material liquid, especially suitable for the filtration of toxic and harmful material liquid.

The Capsule structure reduces the gap between the filter housing and the filter, and reduces the residual of the material liquid. The inner filter cartridge can be selected according to requirements, and the length is 5″/10″/20″.

N/S Capsule Filter

N/S Series Capsule Filter is a multiple capacity capsule filter developed for both small batch material filtration and main ink filtration in the digital printing system. 

The capsule filters with different volume housings can meet different printers ink requirements. 

In addition, we are able to provide different filter cartridges to correspond with varying machine models such as Epson printers, wide format printers, ceramic printers, and making & coding printers.

  • Multiple Capacities Available 
  • Optional Media 
  • Reasonable Capsule Design 
  • Non-Fiber Releasing Design 
  • Thermal Welding Technology
PCF Carbon Fiber Filter Cartridge

PCF Carbon Fiber Filter Cartridge

The PCF carbon fiber filter is made of high-efficiency activated adsorption material and activated carbon fiber. 

It is a new generation of activated carbon and has a strong adsorption capacity for chlorine gas and organic odors.

Pullner Is Your Top FRP Membrane Housing Manufacturer


Pullner FRP Membrane Housing

FRP Membrane Housing with its independent unit configuration can be applied according to the site conditions, and it can also provide free combination with reverse osmosis system, which permits effective use of space. 

It’s perfectly matched with PHF series high flow water filter. Due to its high anti corrosion performance, high strength glass fiber reinforced plastic (FRP) membrane housing has absolute advantages in the field of seawater desalination.

Each filter housing’s capacity is up to 10-50m3/d. It allows infinite combination. Digital control winding process provides high internal surface finish and easy cleaning, preventing the growth of bacteria.

 Features & Benefits

  1. Modular design lows free design according to different flow rate.
  2. Modular design provides easy combination and disassembly.
  3. Structure of permutation and combination allows free use of space.
  4. Quick and humanized design for easy open and filter cartridge change out.
  5. Quicker for changing filter cartridge without dismounting pipeline.
  6. Bright and clean internal surface, easy cleaning.
  7. High strength of corrosion resistance is a new choice of desalination project.
  8. Vertical or Horizontal for choose.
  9. Side inlet or end inlet.


Seawater desalination RO pre-filtration

UF, RO backflushing and cleaning filtration.

Pre-filtration and terminal filtration for NF、UF、RO、EDI system.

Manufacture and household wastewater treatment, water recycling pre-treatment, pre-filtration.

Pre-filtration and terminal filtration of high purity water in electronic, microelectronic and semiconductive industrial

Oilfield reinjection water, boiler feed water, chemical reagent, liquid organic products, high purity chemicals, pesticide, etc.

Filtration for drinking water, mineral water, fruit juice, healthy drinks.

Why Are Pullner FRP Membrane Housing

Strong R&D Ability

Professional R&D team with rich experience, provide innovative design and products improve.

Best Price

Pullner provide you high quality and cost-effectiveFRP housing. Saving filtration cost for customers.

Advanced Production and Test Facilities

More than 10 production lines and 2 test laboratories, high production capacity.

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What Is High Flow Filter?

Widely used applications:

Power Condensate System, Seawater Desalination RO Pre-filtration, Municipal Water, Chemical, Petrochemicals, Electronics (RO Pre-filtration, Process Water), Food & Beverage (process water), Pharmaceutical (process water), Waste water, Amine filtration, etc.

Feature and Benefits:

Single filter with high flow rate;

Low installation costs and low operating costs;

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