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Pleated Filter Cartridge

Leading pleated filers cartridges manufacturer in chain, pullner supply the for pp pleated filter cartridge mainly for liquid sediment filtration application.

Pullner manufactures 20 micron and 5 micron pleated water filters and other types pleated filters.

The pleated filters element can be polypropylene, polyester, cellulose materials, and also we supply ss pleated filters cartridge for your industry filtration application.

PHFZ Power Plant Boiler Condensate Pleated Water Filters

PHFZ PP Pleated Water Filter Cartridge for Power Plant Boiler Condensate

PHFZ Series pleated filter element is pleated type, thermal melting welding, multiple times backflushing, designed for iron removal in condensate water of power generation. Different precisions used as Start-up and operating filter element.

Its structure can be divided into three types: 2 parts, 4 parts and 7 parts. The 2parts type is welded of 40″ and 30″, with 69mm diameter and integral outer cage.

  • Multi-backflushing with water or gas;
  • Complete polypropylene structure and extensive application of chemical;
  • Easy installation, less cartridge change out help customers save the labor cost;
  • Integral support, high strength, high dirt holding capacity, long service life;
  • Different precision can be used as start-up and operating filter element for condensate systems.

PP Pleated Water Filter Cartridge

PPL series pleated water filters are made of polypropylene, with high retention rate, high flow rate, high dirt holding capacity, high filtration efficiency and low cost. 

With extensive chemical compatibility, used for filtering various acid base and solvent.

  • High filtration efficiency, low cost.
  • Extensive chemical compatibility, suitable for filtering various acids, bases and solvents.
  • Filtration accuracies of 0.1-70um, meet various filtration conditions.
PPM High Viscosity Polypropylene Pleated Water Filters

Polypropylene Pleated Water Filters

The PPM series pleated water filters combine the characteristics of deep filtration technology and pleated filter material, ensure high dirt holding capacity and big filtration area, 

Especially suitable for high suspension particles, colloids and high viscosity liquid filtration.

  • Depth pleated structure 
  • Big filtration area, high dirt holding capacity
Pleated Water Filters

Pleated Water Filters with High Dirt Holding Capacity

The HPPV series pleated water filter adopts multi-layer Nano-fiber material, gradient structure design, and has high dirt holding capacity. 

The large-to-small gradient pore size makes the filter element has stronger dirt holding capacity, which can effectively improve surface clogging problem and extend filter service life. 

It is suitable for high suspended particles, colloidal substances, and high-viscosity liquids.

  • Hierarchical filtration: large-to-small gradient pore size, and blocks different sizes particles, has excellent dirt holding capacity and low flow resistance.
  • Extensive filtration Accuracy: accuracy range of 0.5-90μm meet different requirements, wide use range.
  • Extensive chemical compatibility: PP structure provides extensive chemical compatibility. No adhesives and surfactants, effectively control the precipitation problem.
PPH Absolute Rating Polypropylene Pleated Water Filters

PPH Polypropylene Pleated Water Filter Cartridge

The PPH series pleated water filter cartridge adopt all polypropylene structure, filter layer adopts double-layer gradient precision PP membrane, 

The filter element has the characteristics of high dirt holding capacity, long life and high efficiency.

  • All Polypropylene structure
  • Double-layer gradient precision
  • High dirt holding capacity, long service life, high efficiency
WELPP Electronic Grade Low Precipitation Pure Water Pre-filter Pleated Water Filters

WELPP Pleated Water Filters for Electronic Grade Low Precipitation Pure Water Pre-filter

WELPP series pleated water filter use high-purity materials, with filtration accuracy 0.1~25 micron. 

High interception efficiency and high filtration efficiency. It’s suitable for the filtration of cooling water and process water.

  • Low precipitation: High-purity materials, no surfactants or adhesives used in the production process. Effectively solve the problem of ion precipitation caused by ordinary materials.
  • Optional multiple filtration accuracy
    Filtering precisions 0.1-25μm to meet different needs. Can be customized according to application and customer needs.
  • Economical
    As pre-filter, it has high filtration efficiency and high cost performance.
CMPA Polishing Solution High Dirt Content Pleated Water Filters

CMPA Pleated Water Filter Cartridge for Polishing Solution High Dirt Content

The CMPA series filter cartridge is suitable for the filtration of bulk particles and colloids in oxide CMP, tungsten CMP and copper CMP. 

The unique gradual pore size deep filtration technology realizes hierarchical filtration, the filter element has high dirt-receiving space and greatly extends use life.

1. Gradient filtration
The pore size gradually decreases from the outside to the inside, trapping large particles and releasing effective particles. Increased effective filtering area, dirt holding capacity, and service life
2. Low precipitation
PP material, no adhesive or surfactant used, which controls the precipitation problem in the filtration process. PP structure guarantees extensive chemical compatibility, suitable for filtration of various liquids.
3. Optional multiple precisions and interfaces
0.5-90μm are available to meet the technological requirements of different polishing liquids.
Variety specifications for length and interface types, can be used with different types of filter housings.

ELPP Electronic Grade Low Precipitation Pleated Water Filters

ELPP Pleated Water Filters

The ELPP series filter element adopts electronic grade materials with low precipitation, and the pure polypropylene structure makes the filter element have a wide range of chemical compatibility. 

High throughput and long life. Various filtering precisions. It is used for filtering most acids and bases, process water and organic solvents.

1. Low precipitation
Using high-purity PP material, using thermal welding process, no binder, effectively control the ion precipitation, meet requirements of electronic grade.
2. Extensive chemical compatibility
All-polypropylene structure provides a wide range of chemical compatibility and can be used to filter various acids, bases and solvents.
3. High throughput and long life
The Nano fiber membrane material provides high flow rate, long service life and high cost performance.
4. Optional multiple filtering accuracy
Filtration accuracy 0.1-25μm, meet different filtration needs, accept customized according to different applications.

PRFA Pleated Water Filters

PFRA series filter cartridge adopts nanofiber filter material, high porosity, low precipitation, high dirt holding capacity, long life, good chemical compatibility, suitable for photoresist filtration.

1. Low precipitation
High-purity PP material, using thermal welding.
2. High porosity
Using Nano-fiber filter material, with ultra-high porosity.
3. High dirt holding capacity and long life
The filter adopts a gradient structure design, the pore size is from large to small from outside to inside, high dirt holding capacity and longer service life.
4. Good chemical compatibility
The all-polypropylene structure ensures good chemical compatibility.

EPPM High-viscosity and High Solids Content High Efficient Pleated Water Filters

EPPM Pleated Water Filters

The EPPM series filter cartridge adopts multi-layer Nanofiber PP membrane, which can efficiently intercept the particles in colloid, suitable for liquid filtration with high viscosity and high solid content.

1. Nanofiber filter material
The multi-layer nanofiber PP membrane.
2. High efficiency
Filtration efficiency reaches 99.99%, ensuring product quality.
3. 100% flushing
100% deionized water used for washing to ensure filter clean.


SPA and Swimming Pool Pleated Filter Cartridge

PLS series pleated filter cartridge is designed for SPA and Swimming pool. The material has good mechanical properties and high temperature resistance. Can be used under strong acid.

The filter layers, center core, and end cap are integrally injected with glue to ensure the tightness of the filter element. Pleat technology ensures large filtration area, large flow rate, high dirt holding capacity, long service life, and reducing the replacement cycle of filter element. 

It can be reused after cleaning, reducing the number of replacements and filtration costs. It is an economical filtering product.


Material: Polyester fiber, Polypropylene (PP)

Filtration rating: 1um ~150um

Dimension: OD 68mm or 115mm, ID 28mm

Length: 9.75”, 9.87”, 10”, 20”, 30”, 40”


  1. Polyester material with high temperature resistance, hardness is not affected in strong acid.
  2. Filtration rating from 1 micron to 150 micron.
  3. Good tightness, long service life.

Pullner Is Your Premier Pleated Water Filters Manufacturer

Pleated water filters manufacturer

Pullner Pleated Water Filters

Pleated filter cartridge can be called pleated water filters, pleated sediment filter. PULLNER is the professional pleated filter cartridge manufacturer, we ensure high quality and long service life. To save your pleated filter cartridge cost.

Pleated Water Filter is made of polypropylene (PP) membrane and non-woven fabric or (PP mesh) support layers. The outer cage, center core and end caps of the filter are thermal welding technology, without any glue, no leakage, no two Secondary pollution.

Filtration rating from 0.1um to 60um. Length 10”, 20”, 30”, 40”, with various connection adaptors meet different requirements. It adopts pleated type, its unique low differential pressure, high flow rate and long service life feature make it to be the best choice for pre-filtration. All polypropylene structure provide stable performance and wide chemical compatibility.

New design for integral structure 20”, 30”, 40”, the outer PP cage is one piece. Provide bigger efficiency filtration area, high strength, long service time, and beautiful appearance.


Electronics industry: RO pre-filtration, deionized water system pre-filtration

Pharmaceutical industry: filtration of pharmaceutical, biological and plasma products, compressed air and gas filtration.

Food and beverage industry: mineral water, beverages, juices, alcohol filtration.

Chemical industry: organic solvents, ink filtration.

Petroleum industry: water injection filtration in oil fields.

Others: Electroplating solution, metal cutting fluid, photoresist and magnetic media filtration, etc.

Why Are Pullner High Flow Filters

Strong Technical Team

Professional R&D team with rich experience, provide innovative design and products improve. Provide better filter with reasonable price.

Competitive Price

Pullner provide you high quality and cost-effective filters element. Saving filtration cost for customers.

Multiple industrial applications

Pullner's filter elements are widely used in industries such as electronics, pharmaceuticals, food and beverages, chemicals, power plants, and desalination.

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The Ultimate Guide: Pleated Water Filter

What Is High Flow Filter?

Widely used applications:

Power Condensate System, Seawater Desalination RO Pre-filtration, Municipal Water, Chemical, Petrochemicals, Electronics (RO Pre-filtration, Process Water), Food & Beverage (process water), Pharmaceutical (process water), Waste water, Amine filtration, etc.

Feature and Benefits:

Single filter with high flow rate;

Low installation costs and low operating costs;

How To Produce High Flow Filter


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