Pharmaceutical Industry Filtration Solutions

Pharmaceutical Industry Application

Filter elements are indispensable in the pharmaceutical industry, because pharmaceuticals contain a variety of liquid applications and require extremely strict water quality. 

The filter element can intercept particles, microorganisms, bacteria in the liquid and purify the fluid to meet the required standards.

Pullner provides various filter elements for fluid filtration in different processes in the pharmaceutical industry, with high filtration efficiency and long service life, help customers solve filtration problems.

Pleated Water Filters

Pleated Water Filters for Pharmaceutical Industry

Pleated water filters cartridges are constructed with Polypropylene(PP) material, with high flow rate, high dirt holding capacity, high filtration efficiency. 

It is suitable for pre-filtration of separation and filtration process in the pharmaceutical industry, reducing biological load, and security filtration of pharmaceutical water.


Membrane Filter Cartridge for Pharmaceutical Industry

Membrane filter cartridges are made of PES,PTFE, PVDF, Nylon,Polyester, Glass fiber, ETC. The filter cartridge has low precipitation, no fiber shedding, and particles meet the requirements of water for injection. 

It can keep the production process clean. It is suitable for pre-filtration, bio-burden reduction and sterilization filtration of separation and purification processes in the pharmaceutical industry.

1.Sterilization filtration of infusion pharmaceutical water, medical injections, large infusions, eye drops, 

2.Water treatment of sterile water, oral liquid, large infusion, injection, etc.;

3.Filtration of various pharmaceutical raw materials and solvents;

63 PHSF Stainless Steel Sintered Fiber Felt Filter Cartridge

Stainless Steel Filter for Pharmaceutical Industry

It’s made of high-quality stainless steel metal raw materials, backwashable filters. Stainless Steel Power Sintered Filter Cartridge and Stainless Steel Pleated Filter Cartridge, 304/316L material, 

The stainless steel filter element has high porosity, good mechanical properties, strong acid and alkali resistance, high temperature and high pressure, suitable for high temperature and high pressure liquid and gas filtration.


Stainless Steel Filter Housing

Stainless steel filter housings are used for the filtration of liquid materials in major industries. They are made of stainless steel. The inner and outer surfaces are chemically polished to reach a sanitary level. 

It can be used for gas and liquid filtration. The number of filter elements can be installed according to the specific requirements of customers.

Gas and liquid filtration for Infusion pharmaceutical water,medical injections, large infusions, eye drops, sterile water, oral liquid.

Pullner Is Your Premier Filters Manufacturer For Your Pharmaceutical Industry Filtration


Pharmaceutical Industry Filtration Solutions

Pharmaceutical industry filtration includes filtration of preparations, sterile APIs, biological products, Public system.

Preparations Filtration

Preparation filtration includes large infusions & injections, traditional Chinese medicine injections, eye drops, etc. Pullner provides high-performance filter elements and comprehensive filtration solutions to meet customer needs and help customers pass the audits of by the drug regulatory authorities.

Sterile APIs

SterileAPIs refer to microorganisms that do not contain any activity, such as molds, bacteria, viruses, etc. Antibiotic and Solvent filtration have strict requirements on filter element.

Pullner absolute filtration efficiency filter element can meet the production and needs of customers, assure the safety of sterile filtration, and recognized by many customers.

Biological Products

From pre-filtration to clarification filtration to terminal sterilization filtration, Pullner provides high-quality products and filtration solutions for the biopharmaceutical field.

Public system

Our filter elements are used in water filtration and sterile gas filtration systems in the pharmaceutical process to ensure the environmental safety of pharmaceutical production.

Why Are Choose Pullner Filters For Your Pharmaceutical Industry

Absolute Efficiency

High performance membrane and advanced production technology provide high efficiency filter element, ensure filtration safety.

Integrity Test

100% integrity test before delivery to guarantee filter quality.

Products Traceability

Pullner provide a complete traceability process, strict production process and quality inspection process to ensure the high quality and traceability of products.

Other Types of Filters From Pullner


High Flow Filter Cartridge


Membrane Filter Cartridge


Pleated Water Filters

String Wound Filter


Melt Blown Filter Cartridge


Stainless Steel Filter Cartridge


Stainless Steel Filter Housing


Carbon Fiber Filter Cartridge

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