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Stainless Steel Filter Housing

Top stainless steel filter housing manufacturer, PULLNER manufacture ss filter housing about 20 years, and the ss filter housing is made of s304 or s316.

You can customize your stainless steel filter housing base on your industry application.

Pullner supply sanitary filter housing, high flow filter housing, bag filter housing, industrial housing, phasic multiple cartridge housing, classic multi high flow cartridge housing.

Single High Flow Water Filter Stainless Steel Filter Housing

Single High Flow Stainless Steel Cartridge Filter Housing

Single High Flow Filter Cartridge Housing effectively removes dirt, pipe scale and other contaminants from process liquids. 

Quality construction and design assure protection for all downstream equipment.

  • 1. Vertical and horizontal designs offered 
  • 2. Designs for single filter per housing 
  • 3. 20inch, 40inch and 60inch hi flow filter cartridge can be used. 
  • 4. 304 or 316L Stainless steel for construction housing.

Ultrapure; Food & Beverage; Wine & Beer; Fine Chemical; Pharmaceuticals

Multi Stainless Steel Cartridge Filter Housing

1. Vertical and horizontal designs offered
2. Designs for 2-20 filter pre housing
3. Accepts 20″, 40″ and 60″ length High Flow Filters
4. Designed for high flow commercial or industrial filter applications as 2-20 elements pre housing
5. Heavy-duty 304 or 316L Stainless steel construction housings for maximum durability
6. Optional carton steel and duplex filter housing for seawater or corrosion applications
7. Swing bolt with lifting davit ideal for large flow applications
8. Flange inlet & outlet connections allow for easy piping and drain connections permit quick evacuation for housing
9. Basket included
10. Optional hinged filter housings
10. Design flow rates based in element safety flow rate, liquid type and viscosity
11. Accepts both inside-out or outside-in configuration high flow filter cartridge.

Prefiltration for RO; Oil & Gas; Desaliantion; Petrochemicals; Food & Beverage; Pulp & Paper; Automotive

Single Bag Filter Stainless Steel Filter Housing

Single Stainless Steel Cartridge Filter Housing

Single Bag Filter Stainless Steel Filter Housing design with side in flow direction and the side inlet pipe connection can be adapted to different directions according to specific needs. 

Housing has a simple structure and is easy to clean inside. The filter head made by bolt fastening and integral casting ensures complete seal and prevent liquid leakage even under high pressure.

1. Side inlet and removable head avoid liquid discharge when opened.
2. Integrated handle with head, unique seal design is convenient for fixing to ensure no side leakage.
3. The housing head made by bolt fastening and integral casting ensure complete seal under high pressure.
4. Supporting Basket polished by high-quality electrolytic, fully support the filter bag and easy to clean;
5. The housing adopts stable adjustable support legs and easy to install and easy to adjust the height according to the on-site pipeline.

Multi Bag Filter Stainless Steel Filter Housing

Multi Stainless Steel Bag Filter Housing

Multi Bag Filter Stainless Steel Filter Housing in designed for optimum filtration performance. Its range provides filtration solutions for a broad variety of fluid application in the process industry. 

They are particularly useful for filtering large volumes of high viscosity liquids. Bag filter is constructed of the filter housing, filter bags, internal cage to support bags, positive sealing arrangement, & choice of end connections. 

The internal support ensures bags will not burst as high differential pressure build up during operation. Unfiltered fluid enters the housing and is distributed evenly around the filter bags. 

Filtration takes place from inside to outside. Solids are collected on the inside of the filter bag for easy removal. The filter fluid then exits through the outer pipe.

1. Filter bag housing utilizes a davit style design;
2. Side inlet/outlet design makes it suitable for use with various application requirements. Stainless steel grid mesh directly pressure on the bag filter connection, which creates a tight seal and allows for a quick and efficient change-out of filter elements.
3. Compact design means less liquid loss; 4. 3~12 bag filter per housing is available depending on required flow rates

Stainless Steel Filter Housing for Single Pleated Filter Cartridge

Single Pleated Filter Cartridge Stainless Steel Filter Housing is a small flow high quality sanitary grade filter. 

With excellent surface and maximum corrosion resistance, filter meet the quality standards for preventing bacterial contamination. 

The unique structure of the sanitary filter cartridge ensures there is no dead corner on the inner and outer surfaces and conforms to the requirements of GMP. 

The Filter housing can be completely disassembled and washed, easy to operate.

1. Ultra-high polishing level, inner wall 0.3UM, outer wall 0.4UM, absolutely sanitary polishing;
2. Powerful fast loading, design pressure 0.6MPA;
3. Exhaust valve and drain valve: the threaded sleeve is disconnected from the pagoda joint, and the connected hose will no longer rotate at will during deflation and draining.
4. The feet of the filter use reinforced threads, which is not easy to regenerate and more durable; adjustment nut can be installed at the bottom of the foot to adjust the height of the filter for easy use.

Multi Pleated Filter Cartridge Stainless Steel Filter Housing

Stainless Steel Filter Housing for Multi Pleated Filter Cartridge

Multi Pleated Filter Cartridge Stainless Steel Filter Housing is a process filter cartridge with layers of cellulose, polyester (PE), Polypropylene (PP) and glass. 

It has long-lasting filtration and retention efficiency with a large surface area. The housings can accommodate from 2-150 cartridges around. 

All housing can be supplied with a PED certificated if client required.

  1. Machined cover gasket groove provides positive O-ring sealing; 
  2. Appropriate designing and fabrication makes it easy to clean; 
  3. Optional carbon steel (Sprayed with halar) and duplex filter housing for seawater or corrosion applications; 
  4. Swing bolt with lifting davit ideal for large flow applications; 
  5. Optional hinged filter housings;
Mini Filtration System

Mini Filtration System

Mini Filtration System Series specifically designed and engineered for industrial fluid filtration. 

It including pressure source (pump), filter housings, stainless steel pipes, pressure gauge, drain valve, and inlet for operation as the filtration system comes completely assembled. 

The system is a multi-stage filtration system and the filter housings can meet specific requirements. 

In addition, Pullner can supply different pressure sources: stainless steel water pump, gear pumps, diaphragm pumps for different liquid conditions. 

Single-round filter housing system uses tri-clamp connection, while other will use a flange connection. Design pressure reaches 10bar. MFS-1: 3 Stages – meet the needs of fluids that contain a low solid but require a high filter retention. 

MFS-2: 1st Stage Bag Housing Series; 2nd – 3rd Stages Liquid Filter Housing – meet the needs of fluids with high solids content. 

The first stage is a more economical method of removing large pore size particles and yields high filter retention. MFS-3: Customized Filtration System.

Pullner Is Your Best Stainless Steel Filter Housing Supplier

Stainless Steel Filter Housing (4)

Pullner Stainless Steel Filter Housing

The stainless steel filter housing is a pressure-type filtering device, mainly consists of filter cylinder, filter cylinder cover, quick-opening mechanism, stainless steel filter cartridge supporting basket (or tube) and other main components. Simple structure and easy operation, its upper cover applies lift type cantilever construction. While its flange is fastened by stainless steel tilting screws.

The filter cartridge is mounted in the support netting or tube. The filtrate flows into housing through the inlet, the liquid can penetrate the filter cartridge of the required filtration rating to obtain qualified filtrate, the impurity particles are intercepted by the filter cartridge. It is very convenient to replace the filter element, and there is basically no material consumption for filtration.

It is divided into Single/Multi High Flow Water Filter Stainless Steel Filter Housing, Single/Multi Bag Filter Stainless Steel Filter Housing, Single/Multi Pleated Filter Cartridge Stainless Steel Filter Housing.



  1. The materials of filter housing is wholly made from quality stainless steel SS304 or 316L, Carbon Steel, Duplex steel, super duplex steel… …According to different use conditions, use different material.
  2. The filtration rating reachable to 0.5μm.
  3. Design flow capacity of single machine according to customers’ request.
  4. Based on the work principle and structure of the filter system, it’s easy and quick to change the filter cartridge/bag, moreover, it’s free from cleaning, saves labor and time.
  5. Outer surface is treatment by sent shot blasting or polishing, beautiful & elegant, while its welding seam is treated if acid cleaning and passivation, so as to increase its anti-corrosion capacity.
  6. The relative position of the inlet/outlet and installation height can be customized to suit the specific requirements of applications.

Applications: Industrial water, syrup, resin, oil ink, industrial waste water, juice, edible oil, waxes, electroplating liquid, milk, mineral water, hot dissolving agent, emulsion, beer, plant oil, medicines, chemical drugs, petroleum products and so on.

Why Are Pullner Stainless Steel Filter Housing

Customize Your Filter Housing

Design Your Stainless Steel Filter Housing According Your Requirement.

Professional Research Team

Professional R&D team for providing innovative design and quality improve.

To Replace Famous Brand Filter Housing

Pullner Filter Housing Can Replace Pall, 3M, Parker, etc. And The Price Is Lower And Same Performance .

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Single filter with high flow rate;

Low installation costs and low operating costs;

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