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Stainless Steel Filter Housing

Top stainless steel filter housing manufacturer, PULLNER manufacture ss filter housing about 20 years, and the ss filter housing is made of s304 or s316.

You can customize your stainless steel filter housing base on your industry application.

Pullner supply sanitary filter housing, high flow filter housing, bag filter housing, industrial housing, phasic multiple cartridge housing, classic multi high flow cartridge housing.

Single High Flow Water Filter Stainless Steel Filter Housing

Single High Flow Stainless Steel Cartridge Filter Housing

Single High Flow Filter Cartridge Housing effectively removes dirt, pipe scale and other contaminants from process liquids. 

Quality construction and design assure protection for all downstream equipment.

  • 1. Vertical and horizontal designs offered 
  • 2. Designs for single filter per housing 
  • 3. 20inch, 40inch and 60inch hi flow filter cartridge can be used. 
  • 4. 304 or 316L Stainless steel for construction housing.

Ultrapure; Food & Beverage; Wine & Beer; Fine Chemical; Pharmaceuticals

Multi Stainless Steel Cartridge Filter Housing

1. Vertical and horizontal designs offered
2. Designs for 2-20 filter pre housing
3. Accepts 20″, 40″ and 60″ length High Flow Filters
4. Designed for high flow commercial or industrial filter applications as 2-20 elements pre housing
5. Heavy-duty 304 or 316L Stainless steel construction housings for maximum durability
6. Optional carton steel and duplex filter housing for seawater or corrosion applications
7. Swing bolt with lifting davit ideal for large flow applications
8. Flange inlet & outlet connections allow for easy piping and drain connections permit quick evacuation for housing
9. Basket included
10. Optional hinged filter housings
10. Design flow rates based in element safety flow rate, liquid type and viscosity
11. Accepts both inside-out or outside-in configuration high flow filter cartridge.

Prefiltration for RO; Oil & Gas; Desaliantion; Petrochemicals; Food & Beverage; Pulp & Paper; Automotive

Single Bag Filter Stainless Steel Filter Housing

Single Stainless Steel Cartridge Filter Housing

Single Bag Filter Stainless Steel Filter Housing design with side in flow direction and the side inlet pipe connection can be adapted to different directions according to specific needs. 

Housing has a simple structure and is easy to clean inside. The filter head made by bolt fastening and integral casting ensures complete seal and prevent liquid leakage even under high pressure.

1. Side inlet and removable head avoid liquid discharge when opened.
2. Integrated handle with head, unique seal design is convenient for fixing to ensure no side leakage.
3. The housing head made by bolt fastening and integral casting ensure complete seal under high pressure.
4. Supporting Basket polished by high-quality electrolytic, fully support the filter bag and easy to clean;
5. The housing adopts stable adjustable support legs and easy to install and easy to adjust the height according to the on-site pipeline.

Multi Bag Filter Stainless Steel Filter Housing

Multi Stainless Steel Bag Filter Housing

Multi Bag Filter Stainless Steel Filter Housing in designed for optimum filtration performance. Its range provides filtration solutions for a broad variety of fluid application in the process industry. 

They are particularly useful for filtering large volumes of high viscosity liquids. Bag filter is constructed of the filter housing, filter bags, internal cage to support bags, positive sealing arrangement, & choice of end connections. 

The internal support ensures bags will not burst as high differential pressure build up during operation. Unfiltered fluid enters the housing and is distributed evenly around the filter bags. 

Filtration takes place from inside to outside. Solids are collected on the inside of the filter bag for easy removal. The filter fluid then exits through the outer pipe.

1. Filter bag housing utilizes a davit style design;
2. Side inlet/outlet design makes it suitable for use with various application requirements. Stainless steel grid mesh directly pressure on the bag filter connection, which creates a tight seal and allows for a quick and efficient change-out of filter elements.
3. Compact design means less liquid loss; 4. 3~12 bag filter per housing is available depending on required flow rates

Stainless Steel Filter Housing for Single Pleated Filter Cartridge

Single Pleated Filter Cartridge Stainless Steel Filter Housing is a small flow high quality sanitary grade filter. 

With excellent surface and maximum corrosion resistance, filter meet the quality standards for preventing bacterial contamination. 

The unique structure of the sanitary filter cartridge ensures there is no dead corner on the inner and outer surfaces and conforms to the requirements of GMP. 

The Filter housing can be completely disassembled and washed, easy to operate.

1. Ultra-high polishing level, inner wall 0.3UM, outer wall 0.4UM, absolutely sanitary polishing;
2. Powerful fast loading, design pressure 0.6MPA;
3. Exhaust valve and drain valve: the threaded sleeve is disconnected from the pagoda joint, and the connected hose will no longer rotate at will during deflation and draining.
4. The feet of the filter use reinforced threads, which is not easy to regenerate and more durable; adjustment nut can be installed at the bottom of the foot to adjust the height of the filter for easy use.

Multi Pleated Filter Cartridge Stainless Steel Filter Housing

Stainless Steel Filter Housing for Multi Pleated Filter Cartridge

Multi Pleated Filter Cartridge Stainless Steel Filter Housing is a process filter cartridge with layers of cellulose, polyester (PE), Polypropylene (PP) and glass. 

It has long-lasting filtration and retention efficiency with a large surface area. The housings can accommodate from 2-150 cartridges around. 

All housing can be supplied with a PED certificated if client required.

  1. Machined cover gasket groove provides positive O-ring sealing; 
  2. Appropriate designing and fabrication makes it easy to clean; 
  3. Optional carbon steel (Sprayed with halar) and duplex filter housing for seawater or corrosion applications; 
  4. Swing bolt with lifting davit ideal for large flow applications; 
  5. Optional hinged filter housings;
Mini Filtration System

Mini Filtration System

Mini Filtration System Series specifically designed and engineered for industrial fluid filtration. 

It including pressure source (pump), filter housings, stainless steel pipes, pressure gauge, drain valve, and inlet for operation as the filtration system comes completely assembled. 

The system is a multi-stage filtration system and the filter housings can meet specific requirements. 

In addition, Pullner can supply different pressure sources: stainless steel water pump, gear pumps, diaphragm pumps for different liquid conditions. 

Single-round filter housing system uses tri-clamp connection, while other will use a flange connection. Design pressure reaches 10bar. MFS-1: 3 Stages – meet the needs of fluids that contain a low solid but require a high filter retention. 

MFS-2: 1st Stage Bag Housing Series; 2nd – 3rd Stages Liquid Filter Housing – meet the needs of fluids with high solids content. 

The first stage is a more economical method of removing large pore size particles and yields high filter retention. MFS-3: Customized Filtration System.

Pullner Is Your Best Stainless Steel Filter Housing Supplier

Stainless Steel Filter Housing (4)

Pullner Stainless Steel Filter Housing

The stainless steel filter housing is a pressure-type filtering device, mainly consists of filter cylinder, filter cylinder cover, quick-opening mechanism, stainless steel filter cartridge supporting basket (or tube) and other main components. Simple structure and easy operation, its upper cover applies lift type cantilever construction. While its flange is fastened by stainless steel tilting screws.

The filter cartridge is mounted in the support netting or tube. The filtrate flows into housing through the inlet, the liquid can penetrate the filter cartridge of the required filtration rating to obtain qualified filtrate, the impurity particles are intercepted by the filter cartridge. It is very convenient to replace the filter element, and there is basically no material consumption for filtration.

It is divided into Single/Multi High Flow Water Filter Stainless Steel Filter Housing, Single/Multi Bag Filter Stainless Steel Filter Housing, Single/Multi Pleated Filter Cartridge Stainless Steel Filter Housing.



  1. The materials of filter housing is wholly made from quality stainless steel SS304 or 316L, Carbon Steel, Duplex steel, super duplex steel… …According to different use conditions, use different material.
  2. The filtration rating reachable to 0.5μm.
  3. Design flow capacity of single machine according to customers’ request.
  4. Based on the work principle and structure of the filter system, it’s easy and quick to change the filter cartridge/bag, moreover, it’s free from cleaning, saves labor and time.
  5. Outer surface is treatment by sent shot blasting or polishing, beautiful & elegant, while its welding seam is treated if acid cleaning and passivation, so as to increase its anti-corrosion capacity.
  6. The relative position of the inlet/outlet and installation height can be customized to suit the specific requirements of applications.

Applications: Industrial water, syrup, resin, oil ink, industrial waste water, juice, edible oil, waxes, electroplating liquid, milk, mineral water, hot dissolving agent, emulsion, beer, plant oil, medicines, chemical drugs, petroleum products and so on.

Why Are Pullner Stainless Steel Filter Housing

Customize Your Filter Housing

Design Your Stainless Steel Filter Housing According Your Requirement.

Professional Research Team

Professional R&D team for providing innovative design and quality improve.

To Replace Famous Brand Filter Housing

Pullner Filter Housing Can Replace Pall, 3M, Parker, etc. And The Price Is Lower And Same Performance .

Related Products With Stainless Steel Filter Housing

(SS) Stainless Steel Filter Housing: The Professional Guide to Know Purification Systems for Water

What Is The Filter Housing?

The filter housing is composed of shell, multiple filter element, backwash mechanism and differential pressure controller.

It is a direct use of filter screen to intercept the impurities in the water, remove suspended solids, particulate matter, reduce turbidity, purify water, reduce the system dirt generation, in order to purify water quality and protect the normal work of other equipment in the system.


Why Use Stainless Steel Filter Housing?

Industrial filter cartridges has many advantage to use it.


If the inlet pressure change little, cartridge filter housing runs stably, which can make the whole system smoothly. What’s more, our water filtration housing can withstand greater pressure and play a certain protective role in the industrial filtration system.

Housing water filters also work well in hot water. Just replace the filter elements that is resistant to high temperature.


Intercept contamination

Water filtration housing can be applied to the pretreatment of water treatment, and intercept large particles of impurity and floccules to increase the life of a water filtration system.

Simple operation

The installation of water purify system is simple.

When the differential pressure is big, if there is a backwash device, the filter element will be automatically washed, the differential pressure will drop, and then it work normally;

If there is no backwash equipment, a water filtration system can be directly used by replacing the internal filter element.


Low cost

Compared with the price of the whole water treatment systems, industrial water filtration can purify the raw water very well and extend the working time of the whole system. In the long run, there will be a low cost, high yield effect like the security filters for reverse osmosis systems.

What Industries are Suitable for Cartridge Filter Housing?

It is necessary for many industries to install liquid filter housing to purify water quality and protect the normal work of other equipment in the purification systems for water such as power plant, desalination of seawater, home, chemical engineering food and beverage, agriculture.


Application on the power plant

Filtration of condensate water, boiler supply water.

Multi cartridge filter housing is used in power plants after the multi-medium filters before reverse osmosis;


In the boiler supply water system, industrial water filtration also has a large number of applications, if the filtration accuracy is not suitable including higher accuracy or lower accuracy, then the boiler will be easy to scale, resulting in high temperature and it maybe cause tube expansion or explosion.

Application on the desalination of seawater

Due to water shortage and serious water pollution, desalination of seawater projects are increasing. The main way of seawater desalination is the membrane water process.

Water filtration housing can be used to intercept particles above 5um before reverse osmosis, so that the downstream is not easy to block, and the whole water purify system runs more smoothly.


Application on home

Some home projects start to use the home filtered water system to improve the water quality.

One client ordered a filter which filled with three 40-inch high flow filter elements to purify his household water, and now it worked well.

Application on chemical engineering

Catalyst recycling filter impurities polishing process of alkaline and acidic medium liquid pipeline system as well as the solvent emulsion and dispersion of the industrial filter to remove resin gel.

In the fine chemical industry, activated carbon or catalyst removal is a chemical process the high standard requirement of a typical example of application, PULLNER water filtration housing can not only meet the requirements of high efficiency filter, can prolong service life, improve the reliability.


Application on food and beverage

Filtration of various process water, syrup, and other raw materials.

Water purification filters are widely used in the food and beverage industry. From the raw water filtration in the first step, the water source entering the water treatment systems is guaranteed to have no large particles and suspended matter.

At this time, the micron filters’ accuracy is generally 5um, and the water filtration housing filled with multiple high flow filters is used.


Food and beverage main application scopes: Liquid food and beverage filling before removing impurities filtration; Filter impurities such as suspended solids and precipitate in liquid drinks; Beer, jelly and other impurities in addition to clarify;

All kinds of food production engineering water in the removal of impurities filtration; Soybean oil sunflower oil and other cooking oil filtration; discoloration sugar.


Application on agriculture

Modern agriculture requires a lot of clean water, so water filtration system industrial was able to take part in some of the modifications that purify raw water, removing rust and other impurities from the water, improving efficiency and producing healthier food.

What Kind of Cartridge Filter Housing Do You Need?

PULLNER filtration system for water has all kinds of water filter cartridges to fit with PULLNER or other brand’s water filter housings.


First of all, we have a range of water treatment systems with standard filter elements. PULLNER water filtration housings can fit type222, type226, double flush end and others in 10-inch,20-inch,30-inch,40-inch,60-inch or 70-inch(string wound cartridge) lengths.

Meanwhile, PULLNER as an industrial filters manufacturers has rich experience in manufacturing all types of Pall, 3M, Parker and other brand’s replacement water filter, and PULLNER can fabricate a suit  water filtration housing filled with these filter elements. To offer larger contaminant holding capabilities and flow capacities.


Filter Housing304/316L
Exhaust/Liquid Valve304/316L
SealingSilicone, Viton, EPDM,PTFE
*Special occasions can be customized according to requirements




Housing ConnectionEyebolt
Inlet And OutletFlange
Pressure GaugeM14*1.5

Surface Treatment

Polish TypeMirror polish/ Electro-polished/ Sand blasting
Polishing AccuracyInternal Ra: 0.3μm or External Ra: 0.4μm


PULLNER cartridge filter housings can accommodate cartridge’s number from 1to 150. (At present, the maximum capacity of the in line water filtration we have made is 150, but we have the ability to do more, welcome to challenge us!)

These are some common filter housings, you can browse through it.

  • P-SCF Single core sanitary filter housing

SCF series single-core sanitary liquid filter is a small flow high-end single core filter without any cleaning dead angle. Its design fully meets the requirements of sanitary and GMP, the structure has no sanitary dead corners, and it is easy to clean; it drains thoroughly without worrying about residual liquid.


P-SCF single core sanitary filter housing can fit type222, type 226 and others in 5-inch, 10-inch, 20-inch, 30-inch lengths. The diameter of P-SCF single core sanitary filter housing is 4”(101.6mm).

Welcome to contact us to get more information.

  • P-MCF Series Multi-core Liquid Filter Housing

P-MCF series liquid filter housing is a high-end sanitary multi-core filter. It can meet the large-flow sanitary filtering conditions, and different numbers and specifications of filter elements can be configured according to different flows.

The product design fully meets the requirements of sanitary and GMP, the structure has no sanitary dead corners and is easy to clean, and the drainage is completely free of residual liquid. Applicable to the fields of biology, medicine, pure water, etc.


P-MCF series Multi-core liquid filter housing can fit type222, type 226 and others in 5-inch, 10-inch, 20-inch, 30-inch and 40-inch lengths. Every filter housing can fill with 3,5,7,9 or 12 filter elements.

And we can make the custom filter housings for you, what you need to do is just tell us the data you know. Then we will try the best to fabricate high quality productions to you.

If you want to know more information, please contact us in time.

  • 3. JDX150 High flow liquid filter housing


JDX150 high flow series filter housing used with JDX150 high flow filter cartridge. It is mainly used in some high flow occasions, especially in the field of water treatment.

Vertical Installation Dimension

CodeSizeDimensions (mm)Inlet-Outlet (Flange)Vent (Internal Thread)
1 Round40″Φ21915303351750380/DN80DN80RC1/4″RC1″
3 RoundΦ40016554052170560400DN80DN80RC1/4″RC1″
4 RoundΦ45017254452390610440DN80DN80RC1/4″RC1″
5 RoundΦ50018404902580700480DN100DN100RC1/4″RC1″
7 RoundΦ55018605002600750510DN100DN100RC1/4″RC1″
9 RoundΦ65018905302660890585DN125DN125RC1/4″RC1″

The diameter of the JDX150 filter cartridge is 6″/150mm, the filtration area of a single filter cartridge can reach 6m2, and the maximum flow rate is 60m3/h.

JDX150 is available in two types: vertical and horizontal. Conventional 10-core-40 inch filters usually use vertical filters; for medium and large systems with more than 1000 tons of water per hour, horizontal structure can be selected. The 60-inch filter cartridge is used to meet the large flow rate and is easier to replace.

JDX150 high flow series filter housing’s parts are also made entirely stainless steel that can adapt to various working conditions.

  • JDW-11FS Quadruple horizontal large flow filter

JDW-11FS quadruple horizontal large flow filter housing is a multi-stage precision filter used with large flow filter cartridge. The internal filter element use PHFL, PHFK, PHFM and other filter cartridges as filter cartridges.

The cylinder shell is generally made of stainless steel. The whole device adopts a skid-mounted structure, when connecting with other equipment on the system, there is no need to install valves, pressure gauges and other equipment in the middle. Just use the pipeline to connect.

Choose different filter cartridges according to different filter media and design processes to meet the requirements of effluent water quality. The body can also choose a quick-installation type for convenient and quick replacement of the filter cartridge and cleaning.


This equipment is widely used in pharmaceutical, chemical, food, beverage, water treatment, brewing, petroleum, printing and dyeing, environmental protection and other industries. It is an ideal equipment for filtering, clarifying and purifying various liquids.

We can design a set of clean water filtration system that is suitable for your company according to your on-site working conditions and water quality. As a professional water filtration system manufacturer, PULLNER can provide better quality products at a more favorable price to you.


You only need to provide the water quality report (or we test it and charge a fee), the pressure, low rate, filtering medium, liquid viscosity, working conditions and other parameters of the water inlet.

We are looking forward to cooperating with you.


What are the Materials for Cartridge Filter Housing?

First of all, we recommend the water filtration materials for 316 stainless steel which can adapt to various working conditions, its corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance and atmospheric corrosion resistance are very excellent.

What’s the advantage of 316 over 304?

In a variety of organic acid, inorganic acid, alkali, salt, and sea water, it have suitable corrosion resistance, in the reducing acid medium ,its corrosion resistance is far better than 304 stainless steel.


And 304 stainless steel can’t effectively prevent sea salt corrosion.

What are the Surface Treatment Methods of The Filter Housing?

The application and development prospect of stainless steel will be more and wider, but the application and development of stainless steel largely determines the development degree of its surface treatment technology.


  1. Stainless steel surface mirror brightness treatment method: according to the complexity of stainless steel products and user requirements can be used respectively mechanical polishing chemical polishing electrochemical polishing and other methods to achieve the mirror luster.
  2. The surface color whitening treatment method: in the process of the stainless steel, after rolling plate, binding, welding or after artificial surface fire baking heating, black oxide. This hard gray black oxide is mainly NiCr2O4 and Nif EO4 components, previously generally used hydrofluoric acid and nitric acid for strong corrosion method to remove.


However, this method is costly, polluting the environment, harmful to human body, gradually eliminated now. At present, there are two main kinds of oxidation scale treatment methods:

(1) Sand blasting method: mainly using the method of spraying micro-glass beads, remove the black oxide skin on the surface.

(2) Chemical method: the use of a pollution-free pickling passivation paste and normal temperature non-toxic with inorganic additives in the cleaning fluid for immersion. So as to achieve the stainless steel white color processing purpose. After the treatment basically looks like a dull color. This method is more suitable for large and complex products.


What Kind of Filters Can Install in the Cartridge Filter Housing?

First of all, we have a variety of industrial water filtration filled with standard filter elements for your reference. Secondly, we can design the corresponding filter according to the filter element data provided by you to adapt to your system.

If you feel that the current water cleaning system is not able to meet your requirements, such as bigger flow of water that you needs.

What’s more, we can design and manufacture a suit water purify system for you to fill with our filters. If there is a problem on the purification systems for water, please communicate us in time. Whether it is the change of raw water quality or other problems, we will use our rich experience to help you judge the conditions.


PULLNER would like to provide a perfect after-sales service for you.

When Do I Replace The Filters of Stainless Water Filter Housing?

The first situation: the inline filters water is equipped with a backwash system. When the differential pressure is large (which can be observed by the pressure gauge).The first thing to do is to shut down the system.

When the backwash device is opened, most of the impurities intercepted by micron filters will be washed, then the differential pressure will decrease, and the system can work normally.

If the water flow is still relatively small after repeated washing, the most cost-effective method at this time is to replace all the filter elements. Because the backwash can prolong the life of the filter element, but the un-washable material on the filter element is more and more leading to the need to replace.


If the differential pressure is too large, you still do not replace the filter elements, light it will lead to filter blockage, system cannot work normally; heavy filter impurities will flow to the back of the system, pollution follow-up device, causing greater economic losses.

The second situation: the filtered water system is not equipped with a backwash system. When the differential pressure is large (which can be observed by the pressure gauge). The first thing to do is to shut down the system, please open the filter housing, the old filter elements need to be taken out and the new filter elements should be directly replaced.


How Do I Change The Filters of Cartridge Filter Housing?

There is an indispensable part in the filter, its name is called the filter element. Filter element is a very common parts, although the price is not expensive, but the effect is very great.

There are a number of users do not know how to replace the filter element, here is a few simple steps for you.


  1. To replace the filter elements of the filter, first please turn off the equipment and let the equipment be in a stop state.
  2. Prepare the appropriate filter element, the so-called appropriateness is that the specification, material, size model and material, etc. are in line. And we also need the withdraw tools, collection buckets, rags and so on.
  3. Thoroughly clean the filter housing and remove other things around the devices and leave plenty of room to operate. Users need to wear protective equipment to avoid any trouble during the whole process.


Cut off filters that needs to be replaced from the system and gently open the vent at the top of the device to relieve pressure.

This process needs to pay extra attention to safety, do not let the material and liquid flow out or splash around.


  1. The inside of the filter material needs to be cleaned, use tools to open the lid of the filter, and then take out the old filter element, with the plastic bag has been scrapped filter is installed inside the filter is clean, just wait for installing a new filter.
  2. Checks the new filter elements is very important, observe if O-ring in place and if there is any damage about its structure.


Then, the remnant are exiled into the reasonable installation according to the outflow method inside the filter element. At this time, the discharge port of the filter needs to be closed, and the vent valve at the top should also be opened. The vent valve can be closed until the liquid flows out from the top of the shell.

The above is the whole methods of replacing the filter element, the user priority replacement will encounter some trouble which is actually very simple, do not understand the user can have a good reference to see. If you don’t understand how to handle it, this is a good reference to see, and PULLNER hope to help you.



Why I Choose The Filter Housing of PULLNER?

  • Customized service

PULLNER cartridge filter housing can be custom manufactured with the widest range of sizes, material and cartridge filter housings design options to exactly fit your flow rate, pressure rating and holding volume requirements.


  • Rich experience

PULLNER as an industrial filters manufacturers has rich experience in manufacturing all types of water filtration housings. Many customers have special recognition on the quality and price of our products, including various industries and working conditions.

Some of them are challenges for us to accumulate technology and constantly break through ourselves. More is to design a reasonable well-developed water treatment systems for you to use under the existing abundant experience.


  • Professional testing equipment

We have a group of high level test personnel and a complete set of test testing equipment.

Water quality analysis and mass spectrometer can analyze the compositions of the filter impurities, through a single pass test bench and particle counting instrument can accurately test the size of particles.


In the design, PULLNER can design the perfect filtration product to meet each working condition. Then it can make the operation of your system smooth in the maximum efficiency.

After the product is finished, the shell body will be tested for holding pressure, and the filter elements will be tested for integrity. Finally, the packages can be delivered to your site for use according to your requirements.


  • Complete after-sales service

The most overlooked but also the most important part of a product is after-sales service. No company can guarantee that its products will never go wrong. When problems arise, it is also the most challenging time for suppliers.

Qualified suppliers should actively cooperate with the site to find the problem out and then propose a professional solution based on past experience.

Whether or not there is a problem with the filtering system, PULLNER is willing to do everything which can help to figure out what the problem is.

How Can I Receive A Quick Quotation?

Please contact us at, tell us your parameter of the existing system, then we will quote you within 10 hours.


What Are Your Minimum Order Quantities?

There is not minimum order quantities in the PULLNER. Maybe there are a dozen sets of filter housings or more in your system, but the service life of the general filter housing is long. Maybe you will replace one or two filter housings at one time.

Please come and make an inquiry, and we will give you the most favorable price on the basis of ensuring the quality of our filter housings.


What is The Delivery Time for PULLNER Cartridge Filter Housing?

As we are a manufacturer, we have our own factory in Shanghai, we have rich production experience, and the quality of the production workers in the workshop is excellent.

The production environment is also to reach the cleanliness level of one hundred thousand purification to ensure that the production of filter elements clean and pollution-free. And we have a high level of high inspection of the scientific research team, for the production of filter elements in the parameters of the test after passing the packing, and then sent to the hands of each customer.


Therefore, on the premise of ensuring the production quality, we will arrange production as soon as possible, and the goods can be delivered from our company within a week. Then it reaches your city through logistics.


How Can I Know Your Production Environment?

First of all, what we strong hope is that you can visit our company and see how our products are processed from raw materials to our products. You can also propose some improvement measures according to your actual needs, we will be very grateful.

Secondly, if you don’t have time or schedule to visit Shanghai in a short period of time, but you want to know our actual production mode and know that we are a really excellent manufacturer, we can exchange some information online such as photos and videos, which can also let you know about us.

However, we still hope that if it is possible, you can try to visit PULLNER.

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