High Temperature Resistant Large Flux Filter Element

PHFLH series high temperature resistant high flow filter cartridge adopts 6″ large diameter structure, single open end, no center core, outer cage is made of 304 stainless steel, filter material and support layer are made of high temperature resistant materials, which can be long-term under the condition of 120℃ use.

  • Filter media: PET
  • Diameter: 6’’(152.4mm)
  • Micron: 5um
  • Maximum operation temperature: 120°C
  • Suggestion flow rate: 30m³/per hour @ 40’’

High temperature resistant large flux filter element belong to the high flow filter cartridge. It can be used in power generation Boiler Condensate, Nuclear and Fossil Power Plants, Cogeneration, Gas Turbines. The filter element are made of high temperature resistant materials, which can work in high temperature environment.

High temperature resistant large flux filter element is one of the commonly used filter elements in power plants condensate water filtraiton, with large diameter, large filtration area, high flow rate, high filtration efficiency and long service life.

Reduce the number of filter elements required and housing dimension, save capital investment, and are deeply loved by users.

For environmental protection, the application of filtration is particularly important for power plants to achieve zero discharge of pollutants.

Our filter element is suitable for power plant condensate system, condensate polishing, mixed circulating condensate, electroplating solution filtration, high flux condensate, supercritical boiler, etc.

Pullner filter element can remove iron, suspended solids, colloids and other pollutants from the condensate, protecting boilers and steam turbines from corrosion and hazards.

After filtered, the condensate meets the boiler feed water standard, so as to achieve the purpose of recycling and reduce water usage overall. Maximize equipment reliability and power output, while reducing downtime and operating costs.

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