Desalination Plants Filtration Solutions

Desalination Plants Filtration Application

Filter element is commonly used as security filter to protect reverse osmosis safety in seawater desalination, extend its service life, and save costs for customers.

Pullner’s filter elements are used for seawater desalination, and the filtered water quality meets the reverse osmosis inlet water requirement, which is economical and efficient, and is recognized by many customers.

High Flow Water Filter for Desalination Industry

High flow filers cartridge is designed for high flow desalinatin plants. It has large fiameter, single open end, with pleated technology. 

The filter diameter is 6″(152mm), with large fitration area, and high flow rate up to 110m³/hr. 

It can be widely used in various industries, with less quantity, less downtime for change-out and siginificant cost saving.

Seawater desalination RO pre-filtration

PPM High Viscosity Polypropylene Pleated Water Filters

Pleated Water Filters for Desalination Industry

Pleated filter cartridge element is often used in seawater desalination. The outer diameter is 2.7″ (68.5mm), length available 10″,20″,30″,40″. All Polypropylene(PP) construction. It adopts pleat technology, has large filtering area, high dirt holding capacity and long service life.

1.RO Prefiltration in seawater desalination plant. 

2.UF pre-filtration

PLX Standard String Wound Filter Cartridge

String Wound Filter Cartridge for Desalination Industry

The string wound filter cartridge if made of textile dimensional thread(Polypropylene, absorbent cotton thread, glass fiber, polyeater) precisely wound on a porous(PP, stainless steel)high-strength skeleton according to a specific density, 

And has a honycomb structure with outer and inner density.

Pre-filter of RO system

Polypropylene Melt Blown Filter Cartridge

Melt Blown Filter Cartridge for Desalination Industry

Pullner melt blown filter cartridge apply the lastest technology, the whole filter has very hard mechanical properties, and the compression resistance is twice that of ordinary melt blown filter. 

It can be spplied to some high viscosity and high solid content liquids. The melt blown cartridge filter preocess has a high dirt holsing capacity and can with stand more impurities.

FRP Membrane Housing -Pullner

FRP Membrane Housing for Desalination Industry

FRP membrane housing is made of glass fiber reinforced plastic material, eapecially suitable for seawater, brine and other applications. 

The performance characteristics of FRP make it have good corrosion resistance and guarantee long-term use. 

The high flow filter cartridge is installed inside. It can effectively reduces the number of filter elements and diameter of the filter housing, different specifications meet the needs of different flows.

Pre-fitration of seawater, brine.

Pullner Is Your Premier Filters Manufacturer For Desalination Plants Filtration


Desalination Plants Filtration Solutions

Water is an indispensable basic substance for human survival and production. Seawater desalination technology is an important means to solve today’s water scarcity.

Seawater desalination technology refers to the process of removing excess salt and minerals from water to obtain fresh water. In the field of seawater desalination, pretreatment is the key to ensuring long-term stable operation of the reverse osmosis system. 

The reverse osmosis system needs better pretreatment to reduce the turbidity of seawater and prevent the growth of bacteria, algae and other microorganisms in order to ensure the quality of the effluent. If the influent water quality is poor, the water production rate is very low. 

Therefore, seawater must be pre-filtered before it enters the reverse osmosis membrane device.

Pullner’s high flow filter is used as pre-filters for desalination reverse osmosis, protect the RO membrane and save cost for customers.

Why Choose Pullner Filters for Your Desalination Industry

High Flow Rate

Single filter flow rate reach 50m³/hr, reduce filter element number, reduce housing smaller 50%.

Multiple Adapter Interfaces, Suitable For Different Housings

Different end caps connection, meet different requests of filters housings.

Customize Filtration Solutions

According to different flow rate and applications, we provide customize filtration solutions, help customer solve filtration problem.

Other Types of Filters From Pullner


High Flow Filter Cartridge


Membrane Filter Cartridge


Pleated Water Filters

String Wound Filter


Melt Blown Filter Cartridge


Stainless Steel Filter Cartridge


Stainless Steel Filter Housing


Carbon Fiber Filter Cartridge

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