High Mucosal Membrane Filter Cartridge

High mucosal membrane filter cartridge is belong to membrane filter cartridge. It adopts multi-layer Nano fiber PP membrane, which can efficiently intercept the particles in colloid, suitable for liquid filtration with high viscosity and high solid content. It can be used in Ultra-precision filtration of colloidal substances and High viscosity, high solid content fluid filtration

  • Nano Fiber Filter
  • High Efficiency
  • Suitable For High Viscosity Fluid Filtration
  • 100% Flushed before Delivery

The multilayer Nano-fiber PP filter membrane can effectively intercept the particles in the colloid, which is suitable for the filtration of liquids with high viscosity and high solid content.

The filtration efficiency reaches 99.99% to ensure the quality of the product. Multi-layer membrane structure and high-strength support materials ensure that the filter element can withstand high-viscosity liquid filtration.

100% use deionized water for flushing before delivery to ensure the cleanliness of the filter element. Filter elements are widely used in the electronics industry, and can be used in the semiconductor industry, liquid crystal display industry, and data hard disk storage.

The filter element can directly affect the quality of the end product and your economic benefits.

Pullner filtration can provide filter elements required by various process points, and our years of industry experience can solve customer filtration related problems.

Effective filtration solutions in the microelectronics industry can greatly improve the operating efficiency of the equipment, extend the service life of the equipment, and ensure the quality of microelectronic products, and improve the quality of microelectronic products.

Semiconductor industry applications Various fluids are involved in the semiconductor manufacturing process, including chemicals, gases, ultra-pure water, CMP and wet etch and cleans. We provide filtration, purification and separation solutions for this.


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