Electronic Process Water Filter Cartridge

Electronic process water filter cartridge belong to the Wet Chemical water filter element, it has a PVDF structure with PTFE membrane. Excellent corrosion resistance, The special material makes it fitted electronic process grade chemicals, provides excellent chemical compatibility and temperature resistance.

  • Filter material: Hydrophilic PTFE/ Hydrophobic PTFE;
  • End caps&inner core: HDPE;
  • Operating Pressure: 0.4MPa / 21℃

Electronic process water filter cartridge is mainly used in Microelectronics filtration.

Our filter cartridge can drastically improve equipment OEE and availability, extend chemical life, reduce defects, and maximize product quality and yields.

We choose high dirt holding capacity filter element, reduce system downtime, and saving costs. Advanced Node semiconductor manufacturing require extremely clean fluid streams thereby driving need for high-end filtration and purification solutions.

Tighter contamination control can significantly improved yield. Semiconductor applications includes Chemical, CMP, Wet etch, Ultrapure water.

Our high-tech solutions have broad range of applications for the semiconductor industry. Local 1000-level purification workshops and verification laboratories provide professional and reliable experimental data.

The tens of millions of purification workshops ensure that the introduction of impurities is minimized in the production process of filter elements.
PULLNER filters are designed to maximize the performance of many different semiconductor processes by the size and concentration of slurry particles.

After filtration, by implementing an industry-leading filter design, the number of slurry particle sizes and large particle numbers can be controlled to specified process parameters. Effective filtraiton leads to a reduction in defects and processes.

Defects are one of the most important issues for CMP engineers in the production process. These defects can negatively impact yield, costing customers time and money.

PULLNER premium CMP products offer better retention and more consistent performance than other options. This combination of retention and quality improvement results in an overall reduction in the cost of ownership.

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