Asymmetric PES Membrane Filter Element

The Asymmetric PES membrane filter element series filter element is an improved high-throughput sterilization filter cartridge, made of unique anti-pollution asymmetric Polyethersulfone (PES) membrane.
The asymmetric pore structure provides high throughput. The high flow rate makes strong dirt holding capacity, and longer service life than other similar products.

  • High Flow Rate, Long Service Life
  • The Gradient Pore Size Greatly Improves High Dirt Holding Capacity.
  • 100% Integrity Test Ensures Absolute Sterilization Effect.
  • Broad Chemical Compatibility, PH Working Range 1-14
  • No Binders And Surfactants Used, Effectively Reduces The Risk Of Precipitation.

Polyethersulfone PES pleated membrane microporous filter element (PES polyethersulfone resin—transparent amber amorphous resin, with excellent heat resistance, excellent dimensional stability, and good chemical resistance.

In addition, PES is suitable for Rapid temperature changes show excellent reliability, and long-term use at high temperatures has excellent reliability. Excellent formability and excellent properties make PES widely used).

The PES filter element membrane stack is made of folded polyethersulfone filter membrane and diversion layer. The end cover of the A-type filter element, the shell and the center rod are all made of polypropylene, and the B-type filter element end cover, the shell and the center rod are made of PVDF material , can be used in high temperature resistant places;

Each part of the seal adopts adhesive-free hot-melt welding technology, and the sealing constitutes a complete whole, without bringing in any chemical pollutants.


1. Imported membrane, high filtration precision, good integrity of filter element
2. High flux, high flow, long service life
3. Wide applicability, PH applicable range 1-13, excellent chemical compatibility
4. High temperature resistance and acid and alkali resistance
5. Each filter element is rinsed with high-purity water before leaving the factory

Application field

 1. High-purity water terminal filtration,
2. Sterilization and filtration of medical infusions, injections and other liquids
3. Sterilizing filtration of disinfectant
4. Sterilization and filtration of food and beverages

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